Why You Should Make a Bucket List



Many people have a bucket list of the things that they want to do before they die, and it is a great way of focusing your mind on what is most important to you. It can be as short or long as you want, and it can focus on the challenges - both big and small - which you would like to accomplish. If you have not yet made your own bucket list, there are plenty of reasons why you should, and I'm going to convince you in this post.

But after you have made the list, it is important that you return to it from time to time to check that you are making real and definite progress in ticking things off. Otherwise, it will end up being more depressing than personally satisfying!


Purpose and Focus

When you are making your bucket list, it is a good idea to start by writing down the first things that come to mind. You can always make it more refined over time. This will help you to clearly identify what is most important to you in your life, and will also help to give you a sense of purpose and focus on achieving your goals. When you are going through this process, you may realize that your life isn’t on the track that you would like and you want to change course, whether this is in your professional or personal life. No longer should you be stuck for things to do on your weekends as you can work on ticking off some of the items on the list. There are times in life when everyone feels like they have drifted off course, but making a bucket list is a great way to give you that sense of direction once again. It can end up guiding you towards new people and experiences.  


Giving You Goals to Accomplish

People tend to work best when they have a clear set of goals that they are aiming to accomplish. Though you don’t have to set a time period on each of the items on your bucket list, it often helps to make sure that you get them ticked off. And your list can also be a combination of things which are easy to accomplish like driving a classic car for a day like an Aston Martin hire or it could be something more complicated which you need to break down into steps like getting your dream job.


Create Memories


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One of the great joys in life is creating memories, and there is no doubt that ticking each item off your list will provide you with something that will stay in your mind for life. Not only this, they are likely to give you some great stories which you can tell other people. And you will also be able to look back on your life with pleasure, and a clear list of your accomplishments which you can look at whenever you like.


Getting Out of a Rut

If you feel like your life is in a bit of a rut, always remember that you have the power to change this. Creating a bucket list can help to give you that boost that you need to start to accomplish some of the things in life which you had always wanted to. And when you start to make progress a tick off the items one-by-one, this gives you a great feeling which will hopefully help to lift you out of your funk and get your life back on track


Discover and Explore

Many of the experiences on your average bucket list tend to focus on discovery and exploration. They say that variety is the spice of life, and it is certainly true that having new experiences on a regular basis is one of the best ways to get your heart racing. Writing items down on your bucket list may give you a push in the right direction to get them ticked off. Many people don’t try new things because fear holds them back, but when you have a bucket list, you have something which is holding you to account which will hopefully give you the courage that you need.


Lifelong Learning

The items on a bucket list which aren’t related to traveling/exploration etc are often about the new things that you can learn and the skills that you can develop. Lifelong learning is something which is worth committing to, and it helps to provide you with a greater sense of direction and purpose. And you never know when these skills may come in handy. For example, if you learn a new language, this could open the door to new job opportunities or even living abroad.


Endless Possibilities

One of the greatest aspects of writing a bucket list is that it doesn’t have to be finite, and you can add to it throughout your life. You may find that your priorities change and you discover new things that you would like to accomplish. You may even find that there are some items which are not as special to you as they once were. But it is important that you keep returning to your list time and time again to make sure that you are making progress. Otherwise, it will end up being a depressing list of the things that you meant to achieve but never got round to doing.


If you have been considering making a bucket list for a while or you had never really thought about it before, these are just a few of the benefits that you can get by undertaking this task. Ultimately, it can play a big role in showing you what you would most like to accomplish in life, as well as helping to steer you onto this path. And it is also a lot of fun in creating something which is so personal to you.