Taste The Big Apple The Right Way + New York

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Of all the stunning cities to visit around the world, New York City has got to be one of the best. That's not just because I live here. When you’re taking a trip anywhere, it’s always good to have a list of requirements. New York is the perfect place to visit and have no idea what you're going to do beforehand because there is so much that you can just walk right into. However, when you know exactly what you want to see and you have a mission: call it a perfect trip.

New York has a variety of different venues, cities, and things to do for every personality. Whether you're an introvert who likes seclusion or someone who wants to venture out amongst crowds of people... You just have to do your research, and maybe know some people who know some people. 

So, here's how you can master the best trip to New York.

1. Travel In Style

To kick off your trip, it’s always great to make sure that you’re traveling in style. Not only does this mean that you’re going to want to bag yourself the best flight for your budget, but also find a car service JFK or Newark related that can get you to your hotel in style. Sure, you could book the cheapest flight you can find and take a cab when you land, but it’s always great to know that you’re starting your NYC experience off right.


2. Stay In Style

And if you’re making sure that you’re traveling in style, you’re definitely going to want to stay on theme with that and then stay in style. There are so many great hotels in NYC, as Harper’s Bazaar shows us. So go through and see how fancy you feel like being for your stay in the big apple. For something upmarket, there’s the St. Regis, and The Nolitan is very chic and boutique. So you’ll be able to find something that will be the best base for your NYC stay. I personally love when the boyfriend and I do a staycation at The Brooklyn Hotel. It's so chic and makes your trip worthwhile. 


3. Eat Out & Enjoy

Next, you definitely have to think about your stomach. Because visiting NYC and not making the most of all of the incredible eateries is so bad for your Instagram stories! So this means that you’re going to want to figure out where to eat, make a hit list, and work through all of the incredible places. From breakfast at Two Hands in Little Italy to St. Anselm in Williamsburg, you’ll find so much to tempt you, so try to squeeze as much in as you can.


4. See A Show

Then, you’re definitely going to want to see a show while you’re here too. And there’s always plenty on offer. See what’s set to be showing during your stay, but it’s safe to say that a classic Broadway experience, whether it’s Hamilton or The Book Of Mormon, will be worthwhile. One of my favorites, if you're looking to shed a few tears, is Aladdin. Also, try to get a New York feel at an open mic or a comedy show--wouldn't be the perfect trip without one.


5. See The Sights

And you absolutely have to work in few of the best sights NYC has to offer too. From a stroll around Central Park to seeing Lady Liberty and even crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, there are so many iconic sights and attractions in the city, that no true visit will really be right without stopping by a few of them. Keep in mind, if you wish to see Lady Liberty but would like to save your money, take a ride along the water on the South Ferry and see her from afar--for FREE!


If it's your first trip to New York, I hope you have the best one yet and come back... Maybe in a next post I'll tell you the secret--but well known-- etiquettes of cruising throughout New York and how NOT to get on a locals bad side.


Enjoy! Tell me all about your travel below. When's your next trip to New York?