Using Holidays As Stepping Stones To Energize Sales

We all know it and we can all admit it, we shop differently when it comes to holidays. It's not like a birthday, a wedding, baby shower or graduate where we buy gifts for other people for an occasion. On holidays we buy the things that we have craved and saved for all year round. These kinds of shoppers should be a dream come true for your business; but only if you’ve prepared for them. All three kinds of shopping are done on holidays such as Christmas and Easter which is why you should focus on them. People buy with thought and clarity, they buy impulsively and they buy for just in case. The closer it gets to the new year, we’re going to be firing on all cylinders. If you plan it right and you switch the turbos on in your business with everyone striving toward one goal in absolute harmony, you can use the holidays as stepping stones to boost sales. It's going to be tough, but increasing your inventory just to the right amount whereby you can keep up a continuous interest in between each holiday, your business may change forever.




Improve convenience

Consumers are already committing to their purchases, so why make them jump through the normal hoops? To entice more purchases per customer, give them an incentive that appeals to their yearning for convenience. Workout what kind of free delivery plan would carve out the least amount of revenue to offer customers. Something like, any orders above $100 are automatically eligible for free delivery for the normal amount of working days; which is usually three. Crank it up a notch by giving anyone who orders items worth more than $200 free delivery for the very next day. Think of things like this that act as incentive-driven discounts. The more they buy, the less they’ll have to jump through an extra hoop that at any other time, would be there.



Keep stocked up

For Christmas through to New Year and if all goes well, even Easter, you should be strategically pricing your products and services. You’re gifted with a 4-month window to truly make an impact and a name for yourself. Cutting prices, offering incentivized discounts, targeting customers with advertisements on all platforms available, will eventually lead you to dealing with more customers and interest than ever before. Your heart is raring to go but what if you hit the roadblock of not having enough revenue to keep stocked with your product. For people just like you, there are companies that love to give small business loans that act as instant working capital. Inventory financing acts as an add-on product that expands your working capital considerably making it ideal for a wholesale business. With the sudden increase in funds, you can then keep up with demand and be seen as a reliable business that always has what consumers want and can ship away to them when other businesses will have an ‘out of stock’ sign on their website.

As soon as Christmas chatter begins, you should already be planning a powerful first financial quarter of the next year. From late Christmas to New Years and then an exciting marathon all the way to Easter in April, these holidays are stepping stones to energize your sales.


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