Trying Something New On Your Vacation

When going on vacation, you’re always going to be trying something new on principle. You’re in a country that isn’t your own, you’re shopping in stores you’ve probably not seen before, and you’re sleeping in a bed that might not have as many pillows as yours at home. All of these activities are new experiences, but sometimes you want to go above and beyond when it comes to trying something different and exciting!

So now’s the time to make sure you’re going to get the vacationing experience you really want; we don’t leave home to get more of the same! And if you’re the kind of person whose wanderlust is up, it’s time for you to go in search of the perfect adventure! Here’s a couple of ways to try something new the next time you’re booking a vacation.



Getting tired of the poolside view? It’s time to get out and about! (Credit)


Go on Safari

Going on safari is a beautiful opportunity, and you’re going to be able to see some of the most famous animals in the world here. Feel the heat on your skin and the humidity in your hair as you hang out the back of a Jeep; it’s going to feel and look awesome, and leave you with the experience of a lifetime!

Safari is something we see all the time on the TV, whether it’s a documentary or a drama. Take a leaf out of the media’s book and book yourself a cabin stay in the plains of Africa. Something like a Masai Mara lodge would be great for you and the family, and it’s going to give you the unlimited access to the lands and trees around you, perfect for photos and finding animals in. As long as you’re following rules, and when there’s the possibility of a tour guide to come along with you, there’s absolutely nothing to worry about!


Try Climbing Something

Going rock or wall climbing is something not a lot of people do anymore, but it’s a great experience to try out with both friends and family. You’re in a controlled environment, you’re going to be attached to wires, and there’s plenty of different walls to scale up and down. There are even ice wall centers for those us of looking for a little taste of winter.

If you’re an experienced rock climber yourself, you could find a secure canyon or hillside out in the countryside and try it out for yourself. It’s also a good way to introduce the activity to your kids, and see who’s the little monkey amongst you. Don’t go too high without any equipment, and always make sure you know the area and have both eyes open.

Trying something new when you’re on your holidays should be something everyone wants to get up to. Congratulations for trying your hardest here, it’s going to make a huge difference the next time you’re off jet-setting: swimming with dolphins, going on vineyard tastings, hiking across back roads and up mountains are all popular choices here!


I'll be heading out of the country this week! I can not wait to try new things and just experience different cultures. Stay tuned.



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