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Trip Flashback: Make the Most of Mexico

Trip Flashback: Make the Most of Mexico

I took a trip to Mexico back in 2013. If I'm being honest, we did more excursions, partying and ...well, drinking, more than anything really "cultural." Still, it was a great trip. Now that I am older, I tackle trips differently and I want to get more out of a vacation.


Mexico is a popular vacation destination. This country is more than just Cancun, and I am eager to see more of Mexico. So, let's talk about it and add this to our Trip Bucket List.

It's a big country, with a mixed reputation, but there's plenty to enjoy about it. Beyond partying during spring break and destination weddings, there are many different ways that you can experience Mexico as a traveler. If you want to get an authentic taste of Mexico, while staying safe during your trip, create a smart plan for how to spend your time before you go. Take a look at these tips for making the most of Mexico on your next trip.


Budget Your Money Well

You'll find Mexico to be a very affordable country, although you might pay more for a resort hotel or a restaurant aimed at tourists. If you want to make the most of your trip, budget well for things like travel and accommodation so that you have more to spend on experiences. Start by looking for good flight deals if you're planning to fly - find more on getting cheaper flights at Viaja Compara. You can compare hotels too so that you can find the best prices. If you live like a local, you'll find you can save a lot more. 

It may be best to research excursion deals in advance, that way you know if the prices match up.



See More Than the Beaches

Although the beaches are beautiful, there is plenty more to experience in Mexico. Cancun and similar destinations are popular with a lot of people who choose to visit Mexico.

Everyone loves a beach, and Mexico has plenty of beautiful beaches. However, if you want to make the most of your trip, don't spend it all on the beach and isolate yourself within the walls of the resorts. Get out there and see more of Mexico, whether you want to walk around a city and visit some museums or go and discover some historic sites. Lying on the beach trying to get a tan is relaxing, but it's not exactly going to give you amazing stories to take home. This says a LOT coming from me; a person who loves the sun and tanning.



Enjoy the Food


There wouldn't be much point going to Mexico if you weren't going to enjoy the food there. Mexican cuisine has made its way into the rest of North America and around the world, but many people will tell you that you can only get the authentic stuff in Mexico itself. You'll find everything from fancy restaurants to delicious (and affordable) street food.

To get the best of both worlds, somewhere like Mexico City is a good choice. If, for some reason, you get bored of Mexican food, you'll be able to find other offerings too.





Take Some Day Trips

Staying in one place during your trip isn't essential. It's a good idea to have a base, but it's easy to take some day trips to expand your horizons. As well as exploring different parts of Mexico, it's not too difficult to start exploring parts of Central America too, like Belize and Guatemala. If you plan some day trips, you'll be able to get out there and explore more of the country. Try booking a group tour to make it easy. (Sidenote, this was my option in Costa Rica--we took a day trip to Nicaragua)


There's a lot more to Mexico than you might think. Of course, embrace the beuatiful beaches, but get more for yout time and your buck!

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