Traveling Is For Everyone!


There’s no greater education than world travel. Being able to see the many and varied locations, cultures and peoples that populate our planet and make their lives your own is an education that never ceases to edify. No matter how old we get, we still feel a sense of childlike wonderment when we immerse ourselves in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of somewhere new or as we stare in awe at the natural majesty of Uluru or the Grand Canyon and the man-made grandeur of the Basilica De Santa Maria del Mar or the Sydney Opera House. Yet, when our mobility is impeded by accident, injury or illness, it can feel as though this avenue of self-discovery and fulfillment is closed off to us. When we are consigned to a wheelchair, it can make us feel as though our days of making memories in new and unfamiliar climes are forever lost to us.

However, as the world’s various societies band together to create a more inclusive world for those of us who live with disabilities, there are a plethora of completely wheelchair destinations out there. Whether you’re looking for quiet days in the sun; for which Tenerife mobility hire is always a good bet, or adventurous city breaks, any of these destinations will be easy to navigate in a wheelchair. Here are just a few accessible favorites…



In many ways, Barcelona is as quintessential a European city as Paris or Rome with a reputation for sensational architecture, fine dining, a welcoming and bustling atmosphere and more art, music, theatre, and culture than you can shake a baton at. But this urban sophistication is not only accessible to the able-bodied. Barcelona’s tricky cobbled streets are easily circumvented by its progressive system of wheelchair accessible walkways throughout the city. And if you feel like a boat cruise? The port is also much beloved by wheelchair users for its unmatched accessibility.


New York City

If you’re put off visiting the city that never sleeps because you’re worried that the teeming streets of Manhattan would be prohibitive for wheelchair users, think again. Most of the big apple’s main attractions are completely wheelchair friendly and you can save a small fortune by getting a City Pass which will enable you to see most of the sights from the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building to the 911 Memorial museum.



While it may have a seedy reputation among some holidaymakers, there’s way more to Amsterdam than its infamous red light district. Indeed, for lovers of art and culture as well as good food and beer, you’re hard-pressed to find a better place for a mini break. But while we may associate Amsterdam with cobbled streets navigated by legions of cyclists, the city is surprisingly wheelchair accessible. Not only do the city’s celebrated galleries offer lifts and ramps for ease of access, you can even traverse the equally celebrated canals with ease. Many of the city’s best boat tour companies have boats with wheelchair-friendly ramps.   


The world is too big a place to let your wheelchair hold you back!


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