Why Travelling Solo Is A Goal

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Many people consider traveling to be a deeply social affair. Heading abroad with your family can be the one time of year you can truly relax, paddling in the ocean with the little ones.

It might be that you have yet to entertain the idea of traveling alone, especially if you have a family to consider. To go abroad alone may give the wrong impression. Surely doing so means you dislike your family, that you wish you didn’t have to travel with them, that you’re always inconvenienced by their requirements? Of course, none of this will be true in the slightest. Travel alone can still be applicable to you, even in this situation.


Of course, travel alone works best when facing a milestone in your life. It might be before you head to college or after, before marriage or after a divorce, or maybe in the period between jobs. Heading abroad, perhaps funded by rocket personal loans, can teach you things about yourself and put you in situations to learn from, making you a better person and allowing you to return your ideal self.


It could be you’re not yet convinced. Thankfully, the following tips will aim to do so:



Sometimes you just need an adventure. Have you ever been on an adventure? If not, now might be the time to try. We’re not talking about organized fun such as that found in a travel brochure, or in a travel agent package deal. You shouldn’t feel inferior to choosing those options in the least of course, but sometimes charting your own course can help you feel a sense of agency and autonomy in your surroundings.

You don't have to go over the top. You may decide to take a cruise solo for a week, traveling around the Mediterranean, speaking to the passengers in the bar or just relaxing and reflecting. You may decide to embark on a long hike with random travel companions. It could be you find comfort in simply heading to Paris for the weekend, sitting in the cafes and writing in a journal. The best part? Solo travel is often much cheaper than you imagine. For this reason, little adventures like this, small little escapes into new cities and places of interest can be done with the utmost convenience.


Perhaps the main draw for people to travel alone is for adventure. It’s the one thing you can haplessly indulge in, only conforming to your own tastes. No compromise. While it must never substitute for traveling with your nearest and dearest, doing this can certainly help you get more in touch with yourself, and enjoy the experience first hand.



Many people looking for creative practice often find themselves doing anything they can to be inspired by the environment. You may decide that travel can serve as awesome practice. Heading from point A to point B and documenting your thoughts, the environment around you and perhaps the crazy situations you find yourself in could serve as fodder for your creative endeavors, perhaps for years to come. Using methods such as video recording, quick artistry drawing the environment, and writing your thoughts can help you document everything in a cohesive manner.


In other words, investing in a high-end journal could help you document your thoughts effectively and diligently, but it would also serve as an heirloom you may even pass to someone interested in finding their own solo travel experience. More importantly? Documenting this process is fun and enjoyable. It is not homework, nor forced. Simply place entries where you would like, and you may find yourself enjoying a lifelong habit of some import.


Creativity & Inspiration

Of course, inspiration is often found when we have time to truly absorb in our environment. As amazing as socializing on vacation is (and it is amazing,) when experiencing a new place with someone, you’ll often find yourself enjoying the experience through the lens of each other. There’s nothing wrong with that in the least, but it can distract you from forming full personal opinions in the first instance. Of course, sometimes your opinion may be better informed by a creative muse, so it’s up to you. However, you’ll never know just how intimate you could be with a subject matter, with learning history, with connecting to locals unless you try it alone at least once.


It could be your Eureka moment is on its way, however, it’s most appropriately gifted.


The Great Unknown

Heading into the great unknown can be a worrying time. After all, it’s both great and unknown. Those are two things that often unsettle people, or at least cause them to pay major attention - and here they both are together! It’s not hard to see why people become apprehensive.


However, if you take that risk and look into the great unknown alone, you’ll have managed to beat your fear of it for a considerable time. Facing it solo can be a supremely rewarding experience, even if you’re nervous at first. Heading abroad and simply going where the wind (and your funds) can take you, exploring, learning and feeling fully engaged can help you realize that travel is an adventure through and through. When you’ve traveled to a completely new culture and thrived in the effort, who’s to say your business meeting will hold the same fear it did? Traveling solo build competence and self-reliance, helps you think outside of the box and gives you a sense of agency. Before traveling alone, the idea may make you snort and think it’s preposterous. After you’ve done it once, the idea will never be off limits to you.


This can help you when traveling for work, when meeting people abroad, or simply when you need an escape. When you’re familiar with the great unknown, the world is quite literally your oyster.


With these four unforgettable reasons to try solo travel, you’re sure to take a chance and enjoy something not many people try.