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Can Travelling & Studying Go Hand in Hand

Can Travelling & Studying Go Hand in Hand


Travelling and studying are often separated. After all, if you’re studying at a university or a college, then you can’t exactly travel the world and still attend your lessons–or can you?

The reality is that the typical route of high school into college then university is old, expensive and usually not worth the effort. There are still countless students graduating every year that ultimately fail to find jobs that are worth their time and end up with years and years of debt that just pile up.

Nowadays, students are finding more creative ways to learn new skills and also experience more of the world. It creates a better world view and also opens up countless opportunities for employment in the future–but can you really study and travel at the same time? Well, yes!


Studying Away From Home

Even if you’re just traveling the United States, there are plenty of ways to study at different colleges, do a couple of courses and continue moving throughout the country. For accommodation, all you need to do is find a hotel, a hostel or even a student dorm. As an example, you can easily find a hotel near Bucknell University, Pennsylvania, and there are also cheap places to rent thanks to services like Airbnb. Yes, it does take some money, but traveling is generally expensive anyway so it’s worth saving up money through a part-time job first.


Bring a Laptop With You

With a laptop, you can generally do anything. You can keep up with friends and family members, you can study online and you can even search for different places to develop your skills. Laptops will help you connect to the world and get work done, making them an essential tool for those that want to travel and study at the same time. It will give you access to online learning services, word processing software to help you write up reports, and also give you access to social media. Focus on getting a laptop with great battery life and keep it light so it doesn’t hinder your travels.


Make Learning a Journey

Whether you plan to visit Europe or want to learn more about Asia, aim to make studying a journey. Be open to learning new languages and don’t be afraid to interact with the locals. Study the local area and take notes when people mention things about their life, their culture and so on. The world is full of opportunities to study and learn new skills and knowledge, so make use of it as much as possible.


Get to Know People

Being social and getting to know international students and locals is a fantastic way to learn more about a country’s culture and also develop helpful relationships. Whether it’s staying with friends you know in another country while you study or simply having a guide willing to help you when you’re new to a country, networking is an essential part of an international student’s life. However, make sure you actually study instead of just hanging out with your new international friends!

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