5 Steps to Take Pump Fitness Up


Over the past year, I noticed a huge difference in my life. I was at a place that I had never been before and I became so comfortable there. I gained so much weight, that may have gone unnoticed to others, but I felt it. I saw it. Over the past few weeks, I decided that I have to do what it takes to cut it all down. So, I have a trainer and I am working on eating healthier and caring for my body more.

Since Spring has finally arrived, we have a few months to work on our Summer bodies! Depending on your lifestyle, you may not find time to visit a gym or maybe you find yourself traveling too much and don't know where to start. Don't let those few extra pounds stop you from living your best, active life.

If you would like to combine having fun and enjoying relaxing times with getting fit, below you will find a few tips on how to get back in shape in no time while enjoying vacations and short breaks. Have fun and drop the extra weight faster using these tips.


If you are a nature lover, you could take on hiking, focusing on your area first. Devote at least one day on the weekend to explore a new national park or trail in your state, and set yourself clear targets. The more challenging the terrain is the more benefits you will see in a short period of time, but you need to remember to start slow and build your strength up regularly. You can go for flat trails fist, and tackle more challenging routes after you have increased your fitness levels.


Swimming is one of my favorites. I've always loved to swim since a little girl. It's one activity that moves all of your muscles and joints, and it is suitable for everyone. Find an outdoor swimming facility in your region or a local lake you can visit every morning or night, and set yourself a daily or weekly goal. You will not only burn more calories by swimming regularly but can also prevent lower back pain and build strength in a safe way. Get a supportive and stylish swimsuit and you’re ready to hit the water. Find more info about the latest bathing suits.


When the weather turns warm in the spring, you could sign up for tennis lessons and start practicing a few times a week with your family members or friends. It is a good way of socializing, and you can get some fresh air, great company, while burning calories and increasing your activity level.

Growing up, my mother took us to play all the time! This is a thorough workout. 

Beach Badminton

If the tennis court is too much and you'd rather spend your free time on the beach, while on your island vacation this summer, you might want to take your badminton kit with you. This sport can be played anywhere, provided that it is not too windy, and you will enjoy every minute of this exercise. Kids, grow-ups, and even older family members can play beach badminton. You will increase your fitness level, by just playing an hour a day. Uh, yes?!


If you are looking for a challenging and fun watersport activity, paddleboarding might be the right thing to try. You might find it hard to stay standing up in the beginning, but once you get going, it is all fun. The good news is that you only need a swimming costume and you are set to go on the board.

Whether you are worried about how your new bikinis will look on you when you go on vacation or would like to increase your fitness level during the summer, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. Create your fun personal routine in the summer, and enjoy getting fit while making the most out of the weather.

Working out this summer doens't have to be hard, nor will it have to take away from your fun time. These activities are perfect to start once the warm weather hits! 


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