Why You Need to Get out of Your Comfort Zone More Often

As humans, we all have a certain tendency to relax into our comfort zones a tad too much from time to time and find that we’re spending our days doing pretty much the exact same stuff, over and over.

It may be that we’re not even really enjoying the way that we spend our time, but that we’re simply used to doing things the way we’re used to doing them, and feel kind of anxious about changing things up.

Maybe you reason to yourself that life is stressful enough what with work and financial worries and having to find the best credit card consolidation company to use.

In any case, there are some real benefits to getting yourself out of your comfort zone from time to time. In fact, it’s pretty much essential if you want to live your best possible life.

Here are some reasons why.

Getting out of your comfort zone expands your courage

Courage isn’t just something we’re born with; it’s kind of like a muscle that needs to be trained in order to handle heavier and heavier loads properly.

If you constantly shy away from new and scary situations, you’re sending subtle messages to the deeper parts of your mind that the thing you’re avoiding really is scary and dangerous, and nothing that you want to go near. By reinforcing this feeling often enough, you may easily end up finding yourself scared of more things than you would expect.

If, on the other hand, you make it a habit to constantly go out and do things that you feel are a good idea, but which still make you a bit uncomfortable, you start applying the same process in the opposite direction.

Instead of becoming timider and timider, you become bolder and bolder. You discover that less and less stuff actually ends up bothering you.

Getting out of your comfort zone introduces you to new experiences

There’s a limited number of exciting things that can happen when you’re sitting in your bed, in your pajamas, eating a sandwich and watching Netflix.

If that’s how you spend pretty much all of your evenings, you’ll quickly reach the limits of what this experience has to offer.

This isn't an attack on Netflix, sandwiches, and pajamas, either. If you limit any of your experiences in life to a repetitive set of comfortable habits, it’s unlikely that you’re going to find many opportunities to experience new things and forge new memories.

Forcing yourself to get out of your comfort zone is one of the best ways of making your life more exciting than it otherwise would be.


Getting out of your comfort zone puts you in the “growth zone”

Growth only happens when you’re at a point of “creative tension”, an area where the demands of the situation are just a bit more than you’re comfortable with, but not yet enough to be completely unmanageable.

In business, fitness, and life in general, it’s that need to reach just a little bit further that stimulates productive development and turns you into a stronger and more successful person.

Remaining in your comfort zone is a good way to never progress much in any area of your life. Stretching yourself a little bit is the antidote. It takes some pressure to make diamonds.