You Don't Need A Plane To Travel

Traveling the world, you’ll see many places from afar. You’ll either be walking through a town, looking up a mountain, on a cruise ship staring at a beautiful village, or having to cut a trip short because of transport schedules. So, in the end you realize that even though you are traveling the world, you may miss out on a sense of true freedom. That's why road trips are something that will never ever die no matter how convenient and cheap flights and cruises get.

You’re connected with the world more when you have the ability to go anywhere you want, at anytime you want on your travels. See that village in the distance? No longer do you have to pull up your binoculars as with your own car you can drive into it yourself. Meeting new people, walking into little shops in the back roads and driving up to monuments that are hidden away down a cobble road are just some of the possibilities. A road trip car shouldn’t be treated like a new car either, so you need to think about how you will get one.

The capabilities and premise

A road trip car has to be 4-doors. Anything else is just too short-sighted, as you never know you may want to bring a few of your friends with you and all of their stuff. A 2-door car will generally have a weaker engine anyway, so you want something that is medium to large. Speaking of the engine, go with something that has torque as your car will be your home for a lot of the time, and it will get heavy when you start piling in the amazing things you’ll buy. The premise should therefore be a car that is going to be versatile, able to supply enough power to get you up steep hills, and have plenty of room inside.

Look around

The reason why a road trip car shouldn’t be new is that you’re going to be thrashing it around. You will cover hundreds if not thousands of miles a week, and you’ll be doing it through all sorts of terrain. Why buy a new car and immediately lessen it's value and scratch it up? This means you need to go on the used car hunt. Check an auction that sells cars that have been used but not to the point of retirement, such as at WSM. They have lots of American brands and European models that are fit the aforementioned premise and capabilities. At auctions you generally get a better price than if you were to meet the asking price of dealers. They are trying to get the best price for them, but auctions are leaving it up to the bidders to figure out what or how much they can pay.

If you deem yourself a serious traveler, relying on airlines and cruise ships to ferry you across continents or countries isn’t the only option that you have. Driving gives you absolute freedom to experience foreign countries on your own terms, find your own way and travel down places that would be otherwise difficult to get to without busting your wallet.

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