Road Trip! Planning for your First RV Adventure


My ideal road trip is to drive across country from New York to California. I've always fantasized cruising in a dope RV with a few friends, playing our favorite road trip playlists.

An RV is a brilliant way for you to travel across the country and it is also a great way for you to explore the great outdoors as well. It gives you a lot of freedom and even flexibility as well, not to mention that they are very easy to operate. With every transportation model, it is very easy for you to buy one, or even rent one.

Maybe you don't have the same wish as me to drive 3000 miles, but here are 3 tips/ideas for when you want to plan your next RV Road Trip!


Take a Short Trip

You can call it a practice drive or you can even call it a rehearsal. Either way, it helps to go for a shorter drive first so that you can get to know the RV that you are driving. You will need to know how to drive it up and down the various hills. It also helps to know how to change lanes safely as well-- especially if you're not used to driving big body cars. When you know how to do all of this, you will feel much more confident about taking a longer trip and you will also be able to know what needs to be secured in the back as well. This could include the drawers in the living area or even some of the items on the shelves.


Book your Camping Space

It may seem adventurous to drive wherever the wind takes you, but the truth is that when you are driving around, it helps to have some kind of camping ground booked. You’ll need one that has all of the facilities you require and there are plenty of them to choose from. If you don’t want the trip to end up in a disaster then you have to make sure that they have some slots available for you to park up in, so that you can have somewhere to sleep and setup as soon as you arrive. The last thing that you’ll need is to arrive, only to find that they don’t have anywhere for you to camp.



If you have a generator, then great! are great if you don’t have one and it is a worthy investment. You may not think that you need one, but the truth is that you absolutely do and they aren’t even that expensive for you to buy either. This can turn your whole camping trip into a relaxing adventure and you would be surprised at how easy it is for you to charge your phone up when you are out and to even keep everything running. If you have no idea where to go, check out some epic road trip ideas and plan your trip today!


Supplies and Food

Let's not go hungry, am I right? At least 12 hours before you go out on your trip, you should make sure that your fridge is running and you also have to make sure that the freezer is able to keep food frozen as well. It is also a good idea for you to make sure that there is a local grocery store nearby or that you're aware of some along the way so that you can stay stocked up as you make your way across the country.