All About Auras: How To Read Yours


When it comes to the spiritual world and healing in a way other than western medicine, it is always easy to judge a book by its cover and yell rubbish to any concept which feels different to what we are used to in our own lives.

There are so many different forms of belief and healing around the world and these all have their merits depending on the issue you face in your life. There is a healing aura, distant healing, acupuncture, holistic healing and the list goes on… and these all have different purposes for different people and offer a unique type of treatment for those who need it.

Since I’ve tried acupuncture, I have noticed a tremendous amount of healing not only in my body, but with my mental health as well.

Today we are talking about auras and how we can read them to better understand ourselves and who we really are. An aura is a field of energy which sits around our body and gives off a colored light. Depending on the color we emit, this can tell us the kind of person we are and how we are feeling. If you want to try to read your own aura today, here is how you can do it.

1 Start with plants

It isn’t only humans who have an aura which can be read, all living things give off this energy and both the animals and plants around us all have different auras which mean different things. Before you try and read your own aura it can be helpful for you to try and read the aura of a plant or an animal in your home. Make sure you use a plant which isn’t moving around in the wind, so a houseplant might be the best place for you to start before you move on to other things.

2 Get out of focus

This will be a little hard for you to do at first, but in order for you to see an aura and be able to register it with your eyes you need to see past the object and into the energy around it. To do this you need to sit down in front of the plant in question and take a moment to let your eyes go out of focus. Don’t worry if it takes a minute for you to manage it because our eyes aren’t programmed to do this normally. Once you have managed to get your eyes out of focus you can look a few centimeters above the leaf in question.

3 Open your mind

If you go into this process not thinking you will see anything, it is likely that you won’t open yourself up to the sight and it will hinder you from observing what is truly there. Make sure that you shift your eye line to the whole plant and see the object as a whole. Once you do this you will be able to start seeing the aura which lies around the plant. Plants won’t have an aura the same as we do as plants do not feel emotion in the same way as us, so you will be able to see something, but it won’t be a color as you would expect to see when looking at a person.

4 Look in the mirror

Now that you’ve practiced the technique of seeing an aura on something small, you can now tune your attention to yourself and take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror. Sit down and relax and look at yourself in the mirror. You will want to make sure you are comfortable so that you are able to sit still and read it properly. Adjust your vision so that you are seeing yourself slightly out of focus and train your eye over the whole of you to really see what is there. When you look above your head you should see a white glow, and once you see this inner aura, you can practice to see the color.

5 Practice

If you want to train yourself to see your true colors, you will need to be able to see the inner white aura and go beyond this to see what color lies beneath to represent who you are as a person. Take some time to practice the techniques and after a few tries you should have no issues being able to see your colors underneath. Once you do see a color, you can look up the meaning of your aura online and see what it says about the kind of person you really are underneath and inside.