Put Out The Fire


When it comes to traveling on a budget, camping might be on the top of that list. For a fraction of the price you'd pay in a hotel, you can book a whole weeks stay in a campsite while you’re away. If you're into it, you get the chance to be at one with nature and indulge in a little stargazing during your stay. What a lot of people don't know about me is that I love to just spend a night staring up at the stars and the admire the beauty of the galaxy world.

When people hear about camping, they are often discouraged to go because of the bad reputation it may have. One unpleasant experience can lead to a lifelong avoidance of a repeat performance. In fact, people who are anti-camping are usually more than willing to fork out the extra for a proper bed in a hotel room.

But, you could be doing yourself out of a lifetime experience. And, that’s precisely why we’re going to debunk some popular camping myths. Read on, and this option might not seem like such a no-go after all.

Sleeping on the floor is uncomfortable

Often, people complain about the discomfort of sleeping on the floor. In many ways, though, this is a mind over matter issue. There’s actually a lot of evidence to suggest that sleeping directly on the floor is good for you. So, it’s possible those aches and pains you experience after a night in your tent are more in your mind than you realize.

If you really can’t overcome the floor issue, there are alternatives out there. ‘Glamping’ refers to the act of sleeping in a tent which includes a full-blown bed inside it. If that doesn’t appeal, you could always invest in something like this class b rv for sale, and camp that way. Motorhomes come complete with beds which, while not as comfortable as the one at home, are a far cry from sleeping on the floor.

Campfire food is bland

Campfire food also gets a bad reputation. Sometimes, this is rightly so. We seem to fall into the trap of thinking campsite eating can’t involve anything more than a bottle of water and a can of beans. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. In truth, there’s no reason you can’t lavish a little luxury on your campfire meals. Why not invest in a nice bottle of wine and a decent piece of fish? Fish cooks amazingly on an open fire. It's sure to taste better than those lukewarm beans you’ve been forcing yourself to eat.

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Qpm-4IqoaKc Check out this link to watch a video on how to get your fish on and popping while camping!


Camping makes me feel dirty

Admittedly, camping out in nature can be a little grubby at times. It’s not unusual to wake up with mud under your nails and armpits fresh enough to kill the wildlife. But, there’s no reason to let this stop you from embarking on a campsite journey. All you need to do is make sure you sign up to a campsite with decent facilities. There are many options out there which include toilets and shower cubicles. And, with these close to hand, there’s no reason you can’t freshen up in the same way you would in your trusted hotel room.


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