Having An Event? Online Invitations Are The Way!

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Tis’ the season to attend Holiday parties and potlucks and share memories with close friends, and even make new ones!

I am in such awe that we have advanced so much with technology. It’s easy to take advantage of technology and forget what it was like to send invitations back in the days for events, especially if they’re short notice.

That’s not a problem anymore since about 80% of people have access to a computer and an email address. You’re able to get a lot more creative with invitations and posters, even including animation, where you a normally a bit more limited when sending a hard, paper copy.

Well, let me introduce to you Paperless Post. The place where you create online invitations, cards and flyers.


With Paperless Post, I wanted to create a fun, yet classy invitation for a holiday party. With so many options to choose from, it wasn’t hard to find exactly what I wanted.

The New Year is approaching, and this is the time to begin setting out your outfit, finding the most comfortable heels (or shoes, for men) and making sure your invite list is up-to-date and sent out in advance.

For my creatives who love a little extra-ness to go with their extra, this is such a perfect tool for you! You’re able preview how the invitation will look with animation before inputting any information.


This system was easy to understand and manage. There are options for free backdrops or you can use coins.

After previewing and entering all of my guests, I was ready to send out the invitations.

Paperless Post runs on coins.


You are able to purchase your coin package once you are ready to send. This can be a bit tricky because you don’t want to start a creation and build a list only to feel like it’s not in your budget.

What makes me the most happy about this site is that I am able to track my invitations and see whether or not people have received and declined or gratefully accepted!

Of course with these cool templates for invitations, who would want to miss out on the party!?

You’re also able to request RSVP’s and follow-up to those who haven’t responded in some time, which helps with the logistics of your party.


Don’t waste any time! Paperless Post is the place to finalize all of your party needs! Once you have the invitation sent, everything else just falls right into place.

This site just makes me want to have tons of events just so that I can send out an invitation. Because, why not?!