Orlando: A City That Takes Leisure Seriously

Orlando, Florida, is one of the most iconic places in America. It's right in the center of Florida which automatically gave it the need for its very own international airport. Before you even land you’ll be treated to a sight that you can’t find anywhere else in the U.S. the city is truly at home with standing water in the fact that there are more resident swimming pools that you have time to count. There are a plethora of lakes, and almost every one of them is safe to swim in.

When you land you instantly feel as if your watch is low on batteries because everything moves slow. Not in an annoying fashion but in a laid-back, cool and calm manner. Orlando is no joke when it comes to taking the art of leisure and enjoyment seriously. It's home to over a dozen theme parks with twirling and fast roller coasters that will give you a bad hair day. It's also the choice of location for Universal film studios. Mickey and Minnie make regular appearances at Walt Disney World. We haven’t even begun to get started on the things to do yet…




Epcot extravaganza

Epcot is a theme park built by Walt Disney, and it focuses on the achievements of mankind and has exhibits that contemplate what the future could be like. Firstly it has 11 pavilions that showcase 11 different nations and their historical image. These are great for a quick educational tour about how various nations came into being and how their civilizations have evolved. In the glass pyramid of imagination, the question about what the future could hold is pondered. The missions of space are explored by looking at possible designs for spaceships and how crews could travel to different planets. There are lots of different areas of the Future World which all have their own shows, performances, and attractions for many different tastes.


The Hulk pulls Gs

At the Universal’s Island of Adventure, there is one roller coaster that sent the world spinning when it was first opened to the public at the turn of the millennium. The Incredible Hulk Coaster gets to 40 mph in just 2.5 seconds. Before the end, you’ll reach a top speed nearing 70 mph. The forward looping motions of the ride will push you toward the feeling of four times the normal load of gravity. You won’t be pulling a massive 4Gs for long as the curves and dips break up the feeling of being pushed down. In total, the ride is 1,200 meters long, but it goes by in just 1.15 seconds from start to finish. It went through some big upgrades in 2016 and was repainted to a bolder color of green.


Sleep beside the action

While you’re in Orlando, you shouldn’t waste a minute of your time going from each attraction to the next. In between Lake Ruby and Lake Willis is the Residence Inn Orlando Lake Buena Vista. Easy access to all of Walt Disney’s theme parks, it's also got full-sized kitchens for the rooms and plump beds to get some shut eye in. Feel free to frolic in the outdoor pool just before your evening meal or break out a sweat at the fitness center. The great location itself is worth your curiosity to check-in by itself.

Of all the cities in Florida, perhaps everyone can give the crown of ‘most-known’ to Orlando. If Florida is known for its sun and leisure, where else would you want to go to experience it in full?


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