Can Modern Dating Fit With Your Faith?


Dating in the modern age can be difficult enough for some. It seems like a hassle when you're single and trying to find "the one." I have a few friends who have expressed the struggle to find a man/woman that fits within their standards, is loyal and that they would be willing to spend life with. It's tough to even know where to start! The thing about modern dating, there are so many options and different ways that people are meeting now; from social sites like Facebook and Instagram to singles events.

As if modern dating is not a struggle on its own, let's add faith into the equation. Prior to committing my life to Christ indefinitely, my standards and requirements only involved me, myself and what I liked. Dating, as a Christian, throws up some questions. Of course, the natural thought is to go to church and meet someone. But, if I am being honest, from what I've heard from many women, dating is the church is not as easy as it may seem.

It’d be fair to mention, of course, that there are dating sites for women of faith. But, these cater to a niche clientele. Why shouldn’t you have access to the potential partners that your non-religious friends do? Don’t you deserve love as much as anyone? Of course, you do. Which is why we’re going to look at a few ways to ensure modern dating doesn’t isn’t at odds with your belief.

Remember God opens all doors

As a man or woman of faith, you already know that God opens every door. This is likely a thought you return to at every turn. And, it’s time to apply that logic to dating. God doesn't allow us to go through things and bring people into our life without reason. Well, if there are outlets and agencies like the one found at so take your shot. Even if you have doubts about getting involved with agencies, trust that God knows something you don’t. If such services keep catching your attention, take it as a sign instead of resisting the urge.


Overcome the focus on appearance

Perhaps the main objection many people of faith feel is the focus on appearances in modern dating. You have a profile on apps like Instagram and Tinder. But, there’s no getting past the fact that the whole concept is based on judging appearances. The entire idea of ‘swipe right, swipe left’ operates on nothing more than the way a person looks. But, you can use these dating assists however you like. To stop yourself getting caught in this appearance-heavy nature, look at people’s profiles instead. Read what they have written and form your decisions based on that instead of the pictures they’ve uploaded.


Make it clear what you’re after

Speaking of profiles, it’s also worth using yours to show suitors what you’re after. By making both your faith and your goals clear, you can avoid unwanted pictures and attention. It might also be worth following advice like these tips found at By making it clear that you have serious intentions, you’re more likely to attract men with the same ideas. And, that means you won’t have to settle for a barrage of inappropriate pictures each time you sign on. And, who knows? It could even lead you to Mr. Right.


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