Travel Bucket List: Modena, Italy

One thing that many people may not know about me is that my mothers side of the family comes from a line of Italians. Still, I have yet to visit and experience the beauty of Italy.


Italy tends to be a travel destination on many people’s list. With so much to offer its visitors, from mountain peaks to coastlines, incredible food and drinks, and some of Europe’s richest history and culture; it’s a destination with something for everyone. Many choose to head to the world famous hotspots, like Rome and Venice, first, before traveling further afield to discover some of the quieter areas.

The Emilia-Romagna region is north of the country and boasts beautiful medieval cities, tasteful delights, and some seaside getaways that people return to each year. The city of Modena is nestled within the area, and it around a 2-hour drive south of Milan or an hour and a half on the train.

Modena isn’t always the first place on people’s travel itinerary; however, it's been known that visitors soon fall in love with the vibrant mix of heritage and modern architecture and welcoming atmosphere. You’ll never go hungry with the wealth of restaurants, cafes, and bars, and you’ll be able to find activities that will entertain you throughout the day and night.

Let's make this bucket list come to life with some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to enrich their Italian adventure, and are planning to head to the North of the country to enjoy what Modena has to offer.


Enjoy The Cuisine

Modena will probably have rang a bell when you read it, as it’s famous for its delicious balsamic vinegar. You can’t visit the region without booking a tour around the city and indulge in some balsamic vinegar tasting, so make sure that’s first on your list. When you head out for a meal in the restaurants; you’ll usually be presented with bread and grissini; these are perfect for dipping in your balsamic vinegar; don’t forget to mix it will a little oil and make the most of the flavor. For some of the best traditional local dishes, head to Ermes for lunch and meet the owner of the same name, for characterful food and company. Enzo is another traditional restaurant that will feed you incredible homemade, fresh pasta.


Get Your Culture Fix

Modena isn’t just rich in vinegar; there’s a strong heritage in opera and plenty of historical and cultural museums. Estense Gallery is a national gallery in Italy, and not to be missed; grab an espresso before you go and get lost for a few hours as you look at some beautiful pieces of historical art in the Este family collection. For architectural beauty, head to Modena Cathedral; it’s the perfect place to capture the dusky white exterior against the bright blue sky (very Instagram-friendly). And, of course, the opera; get tickets if you can, for an unforgettable experience that will ensure the hairs on your neck stand up, and you’ve fully embraced the heritage and history of the area. With so much to do in one city, it’s worth writing a list, and planning what you want to prioritize for the ultimate Italian city escape.


I'm looking forward to this trip in the future! What's on your travel bucket list?



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