March 31 Day Challenge

I think I am convinced that if I scream, "Spring is coming!" loud enough while typing this, everyone reading will be able to hear. Call me crazy.

March is here. Can you believe it? Time has a way of deceiving us when it wants to. I'm looking forward to this month, this spring and the future days to come.

In January, I did a challenge of taking 1 polaroid photo-a-day to document my life and I hung the photos up on a clothespin line. It was a success. In February, I challenged myself to write one poem a day. I did not succeed. Though shall not call it a defeat.

It's officially March 1st, and I want to challenge you all for the month of March. Each day has a target goal. What's the purpose of this challenge?

March brings Spring. Spring brings beautiful, blooming flowers. Also, happiness! I want to challenge you to bloom. I challenge you to increase your self-love and to do things that will show other God's love in you--causing them to bloom as well!

Here it is!

March Prompts Life With Saph.jpg

Of course I want to know how this challenge goes for you! Don't be afraid to comment below so we can talk about the journey. I'll be looking for your hashtags, too!