Making Your Hair Manageable


It doesn’t matter how much effort into your look. It doesn’t matter how long you spent selecting that perfect pair of shoes. It matters not one whit how many dresses you tried on. It matters not one jot that your makeup is on point or that your healthy diet, regular exercise, and skincare regimen have endowed your skin with a youthful and exuberant glow. It doesn’t even matter that your smile is dazzling, your eyes are sparkling and your figure has never looked more flawless… When the hair is off, even the most carefully constructed look falls apart. There’s nothing more frustrating than finding yourself running late for a hot date, an all-important job interview or a big presentation because you’re attacking your hair with an arsenal of weapons from dry shampoo to curling irons in an effort to beat it into submission.

If you have thick, unruly hair, getting it to behave on-demand can be a nightmare. But just as there isn’t one way to achieve flawless skin, there also isn’t one way to make your hair more compliant. Usually, a holistic approach is needed…


Know your hair

Different hair types have different needs. European, Asian, African and mixed hairs all behave differently and while your ethnicity may play a part in determining what’s best for your hair it doesn’t necessarily dictate your hair type. Knowing how to make mixed hair curly isn’t necessarily the same as knowing how to make European hair straight. Just as you wouldn’t buy products for oily skin if you have dry skin, it’s also important that you know the needs of your hair. If you are of African or mixed African descent, be wary of styles that pull the hair back too tight. A clinical study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that this led to inflammation and destruction of the hair follicles resulting in hair thinning and loss.


Take the weight out

When your hair is too thick it can become increasingly problematic to style in ways that won’t damage it. The next time you get your hair cut, ask the stylist to “take the weight out” for you. This is a process involving layering and texturing to triangulate and disconnect groups of hairs so that your hair becomes less bulky and more manageable without the need for a steep shelf. Try to ensure that they don’t take your hair too short. Longer hair has more weight to it which will help to limit its volume. Ask your stylist to give you an undercut, removing the hair at the nape of your neck which will help your hair to lie more smoothly and look sleeker.


Comb in the shower

If you think that hair styling begins after you’ve washed and dried, think again! For best results, you should comb your hair with a paddle brush in the shower right after conditioning. This will help to get rid of knots and get your hair as sleek as possible while still wet. Then, when you’re out of the shower, go at it once again with a wide-toothed comb. Tangle-free hair is sleek and glossy hair!


Never leave the house with wet hair

Finally, it’s important that you leave plenty of time to style your hair when you have a big event coming up. If you have to leave in a rush you could find yourself leaving while your hair is still wet which can be a recipe for disaster. Dry hair holds its shape much better than damp hair while wind and humidity can make a mess of hair which hasn’t dried properly.

Saphia Louise