DIY Tips: Make Your Own Furniture


If you're looking to give your home some new vibes, then starting with new furniture may be a great idea. However, it can also be pricey to afford - especially if it's really fancy. So what about if you made your own?

It may seem impossible even imagining it, or like you're just doing the most - but you could do it! I recently put together a nightstand in my room, made out of crates and floor tiles! 


Begin with a simple idea

I came across a youtube video of the nightstand and that's how my idea formed. One of the best projects to start with is something similar or a coffee table, as this can be as basic as you want it to be. You don't need to worry about trying to make it round or pretty. Cutting an easy square down with a Makita table saw will do.

This is almost like an evaluation as you get to see your own strengths and weaknesses. Even though you may have never done this before, it's worth the try.  Just make sure you don't go all out on expensive materials for this project as you're bound to make mistakes.


Know what you like

It's important that you have an idea of the direction you'd like to go in as there are so many different styles that can be learned and explored. You can have a look online like I personally did, or visit local stores that sell wooden furniture. Investigate every edge, run your fingers along it, and take a peek underneath.

The more variety you see, the more educated you will be when figuring out what you like. While it's good to have a goal to reach, try not to set the bar too high yet because you may end up getting disappointed if you aren't able to meet it. Remember that practice makes perfect, so you can't expect to become a pro overnight.


Get what you need

You should first plan out exactly how you want to make your piece. Write down all the supplies you need, from the tools to the wood, and then go out and get it. One tip to know is that buying online may work out to be a little cheaper when it comes to buying in bulk, but it's always important that you know exactly what you're buying too. A trick for getting both is to go to a shop in person and figure out what material will work best for your idea, get all the details about it, like the name, the sizes, and the color, and then search for it online. Boom. Cheap


Research, research, research

One of the best friends you could possibly have by your side during your project is the internet. You can find so much helpful information, from advice from the professionals, forums to have your questions answered, and YouTube for the best up close tutorials on the things you don't yet know how to do. You will have access to as much as you want, so don't feel like you're cheating - that's what it's there for.


If you're not feeling too confident, let me know! I'd be happy to share a video with you on how I put together my nightstand!