Why It's Hard to Lose Weight in Some Areas


Modern gym culture is highly influenced by what we see on social media.

Many people want to look good and feel good about themselves. In almost a narcissistic fashion, many of us get motivated by the prospect of showing off our bodies online and getting approval from our friends and family. For better or worse, this means now more than any other generation in history, people are getting fit.

We’re getting up and even though we don’t want to, dragging ourselves to the gym early in the morning. We’re eating healthier as in this world of information, there’s no excuse to be eating junk or the wrong thing. With workout coaches readily available to make our custom workout plans, to get us to our specific goals. But even still our bodies persist to let us down in some areas.

You should be rewarded and thanked by your body for all the healthy choices you’re making but it's always the last 10% that bothers us. We may feel great but in terms of our looks, not being able to lose weight all in the right areas, leaves a lot to be desired further.



Carbs hurt your plans

A woman’s natural shape is beautiful. Whereas men are rectangular shaped with muscular features, a woman’s body is curvy and has many different angles. We should also be proud of what our bodies are capable of and how well they make us feel emotional if we treat them right too. However, recent studies are showing that it isn’t fats that hurt your plans to sculpt your bikini body, it's good old-fashioned carbs. Carbohydrates are complex molecules that take time to break down and convert into fat. They make up the very thick loose flesh on our bodies such as on our hips, stomach, and back. Eating butter, egg yolks, nuts, and cheese as well as drinking milk isn’t nearly as bad as eating a bowl of rice or a plate of pasta. The fats are already, well, fat. Therefore the energy they have is ready to be used. However, carbs need to be processed and converted into fat. Consequently, the carbohydrates turn into thick white fat, while the fatty foods are a soft yellow fat. If you want to lose weight quicker, cut carbs out of your diet as much as you safely can.


That last 10%

Even if you cut carbs out of your diet, our genetics are such that anything is possible in terms of fat storage. Some people have thin thighs but have love handles. Other times you can have an extremely tight figure with fullness as well but you have a pouch of fat underneath your armpit or your calves. In these cases, a company that specializes in medical aesthetics is going to be the best option as they can perform cool sculpting. What happens with coolsculpting is that unwanted fat cells beneath the skin are broken down. The targeted fat cells crystalize with the coolness and they simply die. This leaves a tighter figure in areas that you couldn’t lose the fat naturally.

Carbohydrates have been eaten in mass for thousands of years. It's because wheat and grain are so easily grown and cheaply made to sell off a profit. However, they are complex molecules that don’t break down easily to be used as energy. Cut them out of your diet to lose weight in areas that you can’t seem to be doing.