Kicking It Back In Kentucky: Ideas For Your Summer Vacation

The first time that I visited Kentucky, I was in love. I went to a convention when I was part of this large traveling group. The Derby life is real.

Interesting facts about Kentucky (aside from being the home of very good fried chicken).

- Abraham Lincoln was born there.

- George Clooney was born there too!

- The famous ‘Happy Birthday’ song originated here.

- Throwing eggs at a public speaker could lead you to a year in prison!!




- It’s an amazing place to visit during your summer vacation!




Here are some great ideas for your summer vacation in the state of Kentucky (egg-throwing not included).



Festivals galore

There are some great festivals to attend in Kentucky over the summer. At the start of June, you should camp out at the Festival of the Bluegrass, especially if you’re a fan of this kind of music, and love the idea of camping out in the great outdoors. If that isn’t your thing, you may just be in time to catch the Reggae Festival in Louisville (May 25-27), to grab yourself a piece of the Caribbean, with all the music and authentic food experiences befitting the culture. And (if you are a fan of that famous fried chicken), stay into the Autumn and check out the World-Chicken Festival in September, and learn about the eggs-citing (sorry) world of Kentucky’s perennial food favorite!


Famous attractions

and then head out to nearby Louisville for the world-famous Kentucky Derby, especially if you’re a fan of horse racing. Don’t worry if you’re not as there are plenty of parades and other activities to soak up your time at the event. Following on from there, you could don the horse trail yourself (or go on foot), and follow in the footsteps of the legendary Daniel Boone who paved his way through the Cumberland Mountains back in the days of the Old West. Other historical landmarks include the Lincoln Memorial at his birthplace in hotel in Shepherdsville, KentuckyAside from chicken, Kentucky is famous for many other things, all of which should form part of your itinerary. For starters, you should book a Hodgenville, and the Jefferson Davis (civil war confederate union President) monument in Pembroke.


Thrill-seeking fun

If you want to step out of your comfort zone for awhile, there’s plenty to do for the thrillseekers among you. Get up close and personal with the tigers and gorillas at the famous Louisville Zoo, and spend the night with them (not too up close) on June 9th for the annual Zoofari Night. If theme parks are your thing, then you can do no better than the Kentucky State Fair in August, with all the rides and attractions you could ever hope to see. Should the weather get too hot for you, then you should visit Red River Gorge and have a swim. It’s also perfect for camping and relaxing, as well as offering something for those who love something with more excitement, with kayaking, zip wires, and erm...hoedowns. Well, each to their own we guess!



Kentucky really does have something for everyone, whether you’re interested in all things history, keen to take part in the festival and entertainment experiences, or just want to enjoy the lush scenery around this popular state. You will surely have a summer vacation to remember!


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