Tis' The Season To Give To Others

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At this time of year it is easy to forget about the things that matter. One of those is spreading as much joy as possible over the festive season. We can all get so bogged down in preparing our workplace for the end of the year, buying presents for family and friends, and making sure we have all the food we could possibly want over the holidays. However, it is important to take a step back and remember that there are people out there who are in need of help - year round - and you might just be able to find a way to make their Christmas a little bit brighter.


The easiest way to give a little love to strangers at this time of year is to seek out the charities that are doing special festive fundraising initiatives. For example, spare a thought for those people who might not be able to have a meal with their families over Christmas. Many homeless charities these days offer sanctuary to people sleeping rough in this period, giving them a traditional meal and the opportunity to take part in some holiday past time. These charities are set up around the world, and people will be donating not just their money but also their time, volunteering at shelters to pass on some seasonal cheer to those in need.

It is important to remember with any donation that you do make, that you aren’t expected to do yourself any damage. Offering up money to help others should be something you do with good feeling and not something that puts you in a financially risky position. You are trying to help which is a fantastic thing to do, but maybe there are alternative ways of assisting charities at this time of year, so let’s look at those as well.


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An alternative to the traditional way of donating is buying your Christmas goods through charitable purchases. When you’re doing your online shop, consider the Amazon Smile program on mobile which lets you donate a percentage of your purchase to your chosen charity, without raising the costs of your basket. Additionally, when buying your Christmas cards consider purchasing charity branded, this will once again mean a percentage of money that you were going to spend anyway goes to a good cause.

Finally, when you’re doing your big food shop you might want to take note of what the local shelters and food banks are in need of. You could add one or two items and deliver them yourself, or a lot of grocery stores have a system set up for you to donate via them. There are people who want to celebrate Christmas, but find all the expense is preventing them. With your help, they could have a season to remember.

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