Empowering [Christian] Women For The Long Haul


Too often, as women, we tear each other down. It saddens me when I hear women confessing that they don’t have female friends because they simply don’t like women.

We criticize the appearance of our sisters, their choices, their commitment to their families, and to God. Yet, what do we really get out of this apart from a fleeting feeling of superiority that is soon covered over by guilt? God has instructed us to build each other up, not just for His benefit but for our own as well.


Say goodbye to gossip

In many places in the Bible, including Ephesians 4:29 it says that unwholesome talk is a bad idea. What too many people don't realize is that this includes gossip!

I know that it can seem harmless enough, and many women use it as a way of cementing relationships with each other. However, it can really do a lot of harm, not only to the person that is being gossiped about but also to the people that are engaging in this type of talk as well.

In fact, gossip is harmful to the person that it's about because more often than not it's speculative, that is no one knows whether it's true or not. Although, even if it is, if you aren't concerned with approaching the person and discussing their problem with them in a way that will help them to overcome it, it is something that will continue to circulate and cause insecurities and mental harm to that person. The reason being that it sets up the people gossiping and judge and jury, something that it is not our place in life to do.

Gossip can also cause conflict to those that are doing the talking as well because it actually serves to erode trust between individuals rather than build it. This is because if you know they will gossip about someone else, it seeds the doubt that they may do the same to you!

That is why it's essential to eliminate gossip from our daily lives.

Promote love and respect  

One way that we can lift up other women in our lives, and in the world as a whole is to promote love and respect for females of all backgrounds, religions, and races. After all, doesn't it say in the Bible that to love each other as the most important instruction, the one that supersedes all others?

Of course, there are many ways that we can outwork this and put this love into practice. One is by setting a good example in our relationships with men, centering them around love and respect. This means not only being a role model within our own families but also ensuring that violence against women is not tolerated in our homes, communities, or churches. Something that will lead to a revolution of respect, and so improve the lives of countless women and mothers.

Although, remember too that helping and loving our sisters in small ways is valuable as well. To do this, you may lean a hand if they are overwhelmed with work or their kids, or offer a listening ear if they are going through a tough time. Even a kind word or genuine compliment can lift the spirit of someone who may be struggling.

Stop putting others down to feel good about our achievements

The truth, for Christian mothers and women, is that we are enough in Jesus. That makes this pervasive habit that so many women have of putting others down to feel better about themselves all the more toxic.

However, we must remind ourselves, that being a successful, happy woman and mother is not a zero-sum game, and that means we don't have to beat others to the post to achieve it.

In fact, we can help each other on our journeys, and lift each other up in the ways described above.

We can also stop putting our own achievements as wives, mothers, and woman above those of others. Yes, your child potty trained early, so what? You cook a homemade meal for your husband every night? Well, that's great, but it doesn't mean that any of us have inherently more value than anyone else!

In fact, if we are getting down to the nitty-gritty of the subject, isn’t there someone else that deserves the credit for your achievements and successes in life? Yes, it is through God that we do these works and not our own power.

This point is particularly essential to remember as that can make it a lot easier to let go of our comparisons to other mothers, and woman as. Something that is essential if we are to lift each other up as women, instead of dragging each other down.

EMPOWERED Women Empower Women

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