Embrace Your "Me Time" on Holiday


With the holiday season approaching at high speed, most people try to plan for a cozy new year’s vacation – some prefer to wait until the festive season is over to get away from the stress accumulated during the year. In other words, the winter time is a popular period to go on vacation.

Indeed, if you spend Christmas visiting your relatives and racing to buy a last-minute present for your young niece or your sister’s boyfriend, you know how stressful Christmas time can be. It’s no surprise that more and more holidaymakers book their getaway time just after Christmas. After all, one needs to recharge one’s batteries for the new year!

However, if you find yourself going through the Holiday season on your own, the idea of me time can feel terrifying. Unfortunately, we, people, are easily influenced by the media around us. Popular seasonal songs – All I want for Christmas is You –, and movies – Love Actually –, make us believe that Christmas is a time for loving, not a time for singlehood. Being single around Christmas time can make you feel lonely and unloved.

But don’t let seasonal shows and music affect your mood. You need some me time especially to recover after the Holiday stress. Believe it or not, but being alone now can be the key to unlock your happiness. Are you ready to love yourself this holiday? Here’s how to do it:  


Turn me time in book time

It’s okay to be on your own

Being single is wrongly perceived as a shameful disease as if being alone were something you had to fear. No surprise here, though, it’s, in fact, a common fear for many adults. One can’t help but remember the famous Orson Welles’s quote: ‘We’re born alone, we live alone, we die alone.’ While it can sound desperate and hopeless, the quote continues. Welles adds that only through love and friendship can people create the illusion that they’re not alone for the duration of a moment. Ultimately, in these words hides the secret of understanding how to be single. It’s not about craving moments with others – or with a significant other — but it’s about being comfortable with yourself and knowing what you want. Only then can your pursue moments of union. Fear of loneliness pushes you to make silly decisions, from breaking physical and emotional boundaries in the attempt to fill up a gap to being afraid to do anything on your own.

Plan activities that push your boundaries

What can you do when you plan a solo holiday? This is a false question. You can do anything you want when you travel on your own. So, why not use your post-Christmas recovery holiday as a way to explore new possibilities? Trying something new can be a fantastic solution to help you define – or redefine – who you are and what you can do. If you’re an urban chick, why not book a trip at the heart of nature, for instance? You can head down to Florida, the most famous dive Key Largo spot. Ideal for beginners and experienced divers, Florida Keys offers a variety of quirky diving sites among the gorgeous living reef. You’d be surprised by how being in water affects your mind and your mood. It’s a testimony of hope: As you swim past the coral-covered wrecks – the Benwood is one of the most famous WW2 wrecks in the area –, you get to remember that life always finds a way to carry on.

Do what you love

Solo holidays let you do something that you can’t do when you’re in a relationship, namely, indulge in your guilty pleasures. A guilty pleasure is, by definition, something you would normally have to compromise about. Whether it’s your love for vintage shopping or your desire to try out all the best restaurants in any town you visit, you had to keep your hobbies under control for the sake of your relationship. Traveling on your own gives you the chance to do what you want without fear of criticism or argument. If you’re an enthusiastic foodie, for instance, you could plan an urban getaway after Christmas and book a food tour. New York City has plenty of renowned food tours where you can get to meet same minded people at the Chelsea Market or in the original Greenwich village. Nothing beats doing what you want when you want!

Look after yourself; you deserve it

Christmas is stressful at the best of times. It’s fair to say that spending Christmas alone with your relatives can move the stressometer hand right into the danger zone. Awkward questions from elderly relatives about your ex or wondering why you’re still single can weigh you down. You need a break that makes you feel good and relaxed again. You’ve guessed it right: You need to book a staycation at a spa retreat! Let yourself be pampered, looked after and cared for; you will feel like a brand new person ready to tackle a new year.

Spend some time with your thoughts

Being your social media platforms, your favorite TV shows and Spotify, you’re never really alone with your thoughts, even when you’re on your own. At the heart of loneliness – and the fear of it –, distraction keeps you away from yourself and your true desires. You don’t need to go anywhere to make the most of your post-Christmas break. Turn your screens off for the day and sit down with a good book. Why a book? Because reading helps you to get in touch with your feelings and your personality. Empathy, a sense of belonging, and self-satisfaction are some of the things you can learn for yourself, just by reading your favorite novel! As you do, you get to read between the lines of your mind. The characters that move you, the plots that keep you on the edge of your seat, everything comes together to help you to clarify who you are and who you want to be.

The idea of planning solo holidays can be exciting or terrifying, depending on your personality. However, if you’re struggling with loneliness, you need to schedule some much-needed me-time after the stress of the festive season. Being alone with yourself can give you the chance to explore new hobbies, reconnect with your forgotten passion, or simply discover and understand what you want for yourself.

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