Boost Your Beauty and Health with These 3 Tips

Feeling, living and being beautiful is an amazing thing when it comes down to it, but it’s not the be all and end all of life, is it?

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There’s also health and general happiness to consider, and health seems to contribute to general happiness in a pretty serious way. Luckily, health also tends to contribute to beauty in some pretty significant ways.

So while options like laser hair removal may be a great way of dealing with a particular beauty issue, here are some more holistic tips for improving your beauty while simultaneously improving your overall health.

Take cold showers from time to time

Anyone who knows me closely will tell you, I love hot showers! Most people tend not to be too keen on taking cold showers, and I am one of those people. It's not really too surprising either since getting under an arctic faucet and experiencing a numbing chill all over isn’t always the most pleasant experience out there.

As it so happens, though, there do seem to be some real and positive health benefits to gradually exposing ourselves to cold water on a regular basis.

For one thing, cold water is said to improve the flow of lymphatic fluid around the body, which carries nutrients to certain hard-to-reach areas. Cold water may also contribute to an improved immune system, as the body’s defenses respond and toughen up when faced with the challenge of the cold.

Cold showers also preserve many of the natural oils found on the hair and skin, rather than stripping them away and causing dry skin and brittle hair as hot showers can do. (My kryptonite!) 

Begin exposing yourself to cold showers gradually, for a few seconds at the end of your next shower. Increase the length of time slowly, and you’re likely to reap many benefits. Stay in the cold for too long before you’re ready, however, and you can expect to become ill.


Eat spicy foods and do some light to moderate cardio exercise daily

One of the keys to overall good health is proper circulation, as the blood carries oxygen and essential nutrients around the body.

Spicy foods such as cayenne pepper and ginger have been suggested to have the ability to enhance blood circulation, improve the health of arteries and smaller blood vessels, and even promote healthier digestion.

Light to moderate cardio exercise — for example, half an hour of brisk walking or jogging each day — similarly improves the health of the cardiovascular system and improves circulation.

Among other things, improved circulation leads to increased blood flow to the face and skin, causing a healthy, attractive glow.


Get some more sleep

Sleep is simply essential for good health, as well as for good looks. The saying “beauty sleep” doesn’t come from nowhere, after all.

The body performs many important tasks during sleep, including repairing damaged cells and tissues, regulating hormone balance, digesting, and consolidating the various experiences of the day through a range of essential processes.

When you’re well rested, you will look and feel better. You’ll be more resilient emotionally, your face will look brighter, and your stress hormone levels will be lowered.