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Could A Weekend Of Artistic Reflection Be A Fun Personal Adventure For You?

Could A Weekend Of Artistic Reflection Be A Fun Personal Adventure For You?

Could an adventure weekend focus purely on artistic exploration be beneficial for you? Many times we are often caught up in the usual flow of our lives, and that can lead us to feel a little stale after a period of time. There’s nothing objectively wrong with this, sometimes schedules are the best thing for our overall health. However, sometimes we need to explore, to see things we might not have done, and to find novelty in the world around us.



We’d recommend that an artistic weekend, a time spent appreciating new art or recreational activities that provoke an intellectual response could help you feel like you’ve truly been exposed to something new. It might be you’re heading to London, or France, or Berlin, or somewhere equally as amazing. These cultural centres are incredible and yield plenty of artistic opportunities that demand to be seen. First, get your kit together. A messenger bag, a flat cap, some sculpted beard growth, some high-end frames and a vape from PortableHookahs.com can help you look the part, but from there the following activities can suit you. Oh, and don’t forget the notebook:


Art Films


Just imagine it. You’re sitting in a wonderful quaint cinema in the middle of Paris. You’re relaxing and about to watch an experimental film cut with super 8 footage, espresso at your side. This can help you experience a truly tactile and thought-provoking experience, as well as help you get out of the headspace of the usual pace of Hollywood cinema. Experiences like this can help define to you what cinema could and should be, affording you some genuine opinions on an art form that you might not understand. Just like expressionist art, sometimes fully understanding the piece might not be the main intention, but responding to it in a manner that makes sense to you could be. This could not only help you find new favorite directors, but change your relationship to movies in a manner that might only be healthy.


Trendy Bars


A trendy bar can be a good place for artistic conversation. It just depends on where you go. Heading to a local environment and becoming entranced in the environment can help you experience something you might not have before - real conversation that cuts to the core of an artistic high concept piece, rather than talking about the football or soccer in your area. This can also help you understand how the function of alcohol - trendy, curated alcohol - can be appreciated in its own sense, with its complex aromas and tasty ‘mouthfeel.’ What might you have thought that notebook was for?



To write is an art form in itself, but to write personal journals is something that almost any writer of worth was happy to do. Journalling in a new country being exposed to new things can help you feel absolutely fascinated by the diversity of artistic attitudes around the world, and documenting these can help you explore hidden sides of yourself you might not have met before. Having a creative outlet (also known as a pen) to transmit this can be seen as an excellent manner of getting in touch with your creative side.


So what are you waiting for? It could be that this personal adventure is exactly what you need.

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