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How To Cope When Dating Someone With Depression + Dealing With Your Own

I decided that I would not allow the circumstances of my life to alter who I am as a person and how I respond to life and the people around me. I never wanted to connect with depression or the sorrow that tags along with it. It was enough to watch someone close to me.

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How The At-Home MicroGlo Microdermabrasion Kit Can Give Your Skin A Fresh New Look

This Microglo Microdermasion Kit is a winner for me! Super affordable and a greater way to embrace my skin that I am in while also improving the texture, appearance and so much more!

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What Gifts Should You Give To Others During Holiday Seasons

At this time of year it is easy to forget about the things that matter. One of those is spreading as much joy as possible over the festive season. We can all get so bogged down in preparing our workplace for the end of the year, buying presents for family and friends, and making sure we have all the food we could possibly want over the holidays.

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