30 In My Thirties

I'm really just trying to understand and figure out who decided to set the clocks to fast mode because, why is life even speeding so quickly?! Chill. Take a chill pill, please.

So, I know. A recent post was all about turning 28 and how incredibly scary it is and blah-blah and you're probably like, bro, why are you even rushing and talking about 30 already. I understand the anxiety. It's not you, it's me.

Well, I was inspired. I came across this pretty dope blog, The Feisty House and she shared 30 things that she wanted to do/achieve by the time she turns 30. 

I've been looking back on my life and man, I've been blessed in more ways than I can count--sometimes, even remember! However, there are certain milestones that I have not necessarily set for myself. Major goals. Major keys. #SupDJKhaled.

I'm 28 years old and 30 is only 651 Days away. Honestly, that's not a lot of days and I'm not even being dramatic.


I'm all about living in the now and not stressing about the future. Sad to say, that is beginning to work against me. I don't take advantage of the now enough to not have to worry about the future. I am enjoying my 20's. It's been a roller coast if I may say so. I've been led to believe that my 30's will be even more amazing. 

This list is not just set on goals that I wish to achieve once. It also contains how I want to alter my lifestyle by doing things differently. Of course, I can start now. Duh. Why not just do it. #SupNike . I simply want to have a guide to what I should expect from my 30's. By 40, if I'm still blogging, let's hope all of the below has been touched!