Did You Know That Life Is Most Enjoyed When You're Aware of the "Journey"?

A few years ago, I read this book called "The Shack." It was lent to me by someone and the timing could not have been less than perfect.  Literally, like heaven sent.

This was at a time where I had recently decided to know Jesus and understand who He is. Let me tell you, this is not the easiest thing to do. How is one supposed to understand that Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit are one, but Jesus is also human, but He is God, but He is also the Son of God? Like, what?

It was just so overwhelming. I admit I tried to avoid understanding that and instead, just carried on with having that relationship with Jesus.

Well, that's not the way to go. If you don't really understand a relationship or why you are in a relationship, then you're not genuinely in it nor will you receive the full benefits. Don't get me wrong, for some, this may work. But, it did not really work for me.

That's when this book came along. The Shack. This book gave me peace. Peace at mind. Peace in my heart. There was so much to understand when it came to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

WELL, They released a movie. UGH!!! I was super excited when I found out that a movie based on this book was coming out. A-to-the-Men! 

I have to sit here and remember that I am not writing a blog post about the movie. Don't do it. Okay. Relax. Take a breath..... You good, Saphia? Carry on.

There is a part in this movie, that you are going to go ahead and watch right after you read this, that pretty much hit me like a bag of bricks on a cold winter day. 

McKenzie: Someone wanna tell me where we’re going?”

Holy Spirit: Look around McKenzie, don’t forget to enjoy the journey
— The Shack





Back Story:  

A tragic event took place in McKenzie's ( main character) life. With that, he had to face the most important moment in his life that would determine how he would go on. He had an encounter with Jesus. With God. And, with the Holy Spirit. In this moment, He was full of questions. Wanting to know where they were going. What was happening. He was basically just like okay, I need to know the 411, no matter if I'm standing here with God or not.

For me, this just settled in a place of discomfort, yet I found comfort in that line.

We are clearly living in a fast-paced world. Everything around us seems to turn into a blur as we speed by into the next lane, next chapter and next accomplishment of our lives. 

I know that I have been guilty of worrying what is going to happen next week, next month or the next 5 years, all while being in the middle of a blessing.

Our problems and worries. Frustrations and fears--We allow these things to get the best of us, almost overcoming us. Sometimes, it's even our successes that we find a way to focus on so much that we forget to live and enjoy the journey. 

There are many moments in my life that I wish I could go back to and truly experience what was happening. Even now as I speak, I know that I am not where I want to be in life. But, are we ever truly going to be where we want to be and call it the end? We are a group of people who God has instilled the desire to want more. The problem is, we are wanting the wrong things--we are pushing our desire in the wrong direction.

Take a moment and just be still. Settle your mind in the now and work towards enjoying each second, minute and hour of your days. Who else is going to be able to explore, love and live the journey of YOUR life than YOU?