Dear Future Daughter

A Letter To You. For You.

Dear Future Daughter,

I am blessed. I know that you are out there in the hands of God being perfectly crafted just for me. I know that every little thing about you is to be loved, adored and cherished--because I may not deserve you, but you were picked just for me. I have a job to uphold, but I will carry it like it's the cross of Jesus and never let you down. Dear Future Daughter, you don't know how long I have been waiting for the day when you arrive. I anticipate seeing your little face staring up at me and suddenly smiling as if to say,

everything is just right, mommy.

Mommy. The day you say that I will continue to praise our King. Our God. Your smile will forever be held in my heart; a photographic memory that I am sure I will be able to describe from a distance as if I've lived my entire life tracing out the imprint of it within my heart.

Daughter, I just want you to know that I am not perfect. I want you to understand that I will mess up. I will make mistakes. I will become sad, sometimes upset. I will never allow you to fall into my flaws and my weaknesses. Yes, I will show you my weakness because I want you to understand and know that in order to rise up, sometimes we will have to fall. Daughter, you are a blessing to me. I want you to always know that. And when I decide to take you for granted, which I never plan to do, I want you to remind me that you have and always will be a blessing to me.

Daughter, I want to be your best friend. There are millions of people in this world that you can choose to call your best friend, but from the day God says yes, I will forever work to please you. To show you that I am here for you. To prove to you that my whole purpose is to raise a beautiful, strong-minded, captivating, intelligent, wise, charming, lovely, amazing, striking woman. To prove to you that your joy and happiness is my goal to keep at an all-time high.

I want you to understand that I have had a hard past with my own mother. But, because of that, I will not fall short and show you any characteristics from that past. I will not allow you to become a victim of past cycles that were afraid to be broken. I will break any curses of faulty relationships and you and I will take over the world; our world. Because all we need is God and He is our world.

Dear Future Daughter, I may not know when you will come into my life to show me a new shade of God's light, but I do know that I will patiently wait for you and that I will prepare each day of my life to be ready for you. I expect that you will teach me things and bring out parts of me that have been hidden inside for as long as I can remember. I pray that you will be my new strength. I may not know when you will arrive, but I do know that you will be a blessing.

Dear Future Daughter,

I Love You.