4 Great Ways to Save Money While Traveling

It seems as though millennials have found their niche in traveling. More now than before, traveling has made its way to the top of the bucket list for many. Whether going out of the country or a quick trip across the states. Even road trips are a thing!

I remember my first travel on my own. I went to California. It was such a refresher to step outside of my usual surroundings. Once I did that, you couldn't stop me. I wanted to travel, travel and travel some more! But of course, wanting to go somewhere and actually having to dish out the money stir up two totally different kinds of excitement.

Many people have fears of flying, but another reason a lot of people don't get out to explore much is because they think it'll be a piggy-bank breaker and cost them a fortune. Though there are places where spending a pretty buck is required, and absolutely worth it--there are also tons of ways to save money before and during your travels--all while returning home without the lingering thought that you're now a poor millennial. We don't want that!

So, aren't you anxiously waiting and wondering how to save money and enjoy the life as a wanderlust. Coming from a person who has been traveling for many years and finding the best of the best of bargains, I have a few tips for you.

1. Housing Accommodations

There are so many sites and resources where you can stay for cheap during your trip. Sites like




make it easy for travelers to feel like a local. Renting homes or rooms for short periods of time not only has a pleasant effect on your pockets, but it makes you feel comfortable as if you're at home. What many people don't know is that when you go to certain countries, as long as you do the proper research, there are places where people will allow you to stay in their homes for free. Yes, free! Talk about home cooked meals and great hospitality! Another option is a hostel or shared rooms. They are insanely cheap, especially if you're jumping from city to city. You can find crazy deals from $5 and up, with the plus of meeting new people as you go. Perfect for the avid backpacker. If you're adventurous, depending on where you are visiting, do not hesitate to bring with you a backpack and tent and get to camping! These options have helped me in so many ways as far as saving.



Camp in My Garden

Guided by a Local


Be Welcome

2. Fly on Budget Airlines

Some people are too cool for anything less than first class. But, not me.

Budget airlines

may be very small, tight and may charge for carry-on bags, but as long as you pack light, the feeling of paying $100 for a trip that others are paying $200 for is in return a great reward. I've learned while searching for flights that it is sometimes wiser to purchase two one-way flights. Sometimes the taxes on a round trip end up costing you more as opposed to two one-ways. Also, you have more flexibility with the airlines. You can be classy going and basic coming back. Nothing wrong with flying basic! Also, there are SO many websites where they offer INSANE, AMAAAZING deals. You are limited to travel within certain dates/months that they offer, but hey, why not take a steal on these deals! (Also, use your air miles)

The Flight Deal

Norwegian Air

WOW Airlines

Air Asia

The Flight Network



3. Carry Cash/ Credit Card

A major tip: Take out a certain amount of cash prior to boarding the plane. You will definitely save on ATM fees and avoid fraud issues, mainly out of the country. If you are not a great person when it comes to carrying cash, there are options to choose the right credit cards designed just for you on your travels. In the world of swiping, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you're a moderate spender, hate annual fees, traveling for business or just luxury. Again, I hate ATM fees. There are options like the Capital One Venture credit card, which they do not charge foreign transaction fees. Also, the Charles Schwab ATM card reimburses ALL ATM fees. The idea of this just excites me and makes me want to book a trip! You can sign up online for these. If you are unsure, check in with your bank and see if they have this option.

4. Discounts - Online Surveys / Focus Groups

I'll let you in on a little secret. While sipping your Bahama mama (virgin, haha) on the beach, you can indulge in some free cash to cover your expenses. There are online surveys that you can make money while on vacation. Here is a great article that explains how to make money with

paid surveys on a vacation

. I know. Come again? Make money while on vacation? You don't have to tell me twice. If you're like me and also like to get deep into the culture, you can participate by joining focus groups.  The focus groups really do stick out for me because you get to work with people in a fun way, exploring and discussing interesting topics. Let me also mention that focus groups pay the highest out of all... Hello, yes! A lot of these surveys, focus groups, even secret dining, is great because as you travel, prior to your trip, you can adjust your location and it opens up a new world of opportunities for you.

Do you know more ways to save money? If so, post a comment.

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