The Story of The Student & The Teacher

"Those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs

My co-worker, Mr. Mark, is like the guru of all proverbs and dope quotes. Sometimes, he's in the midst of a conversation and I'll eavesdrop only to feed off the inspiration that he spits out.

One day, I overheard him say something that hit me extremely hard. The reason being is because, in my life, I constantly find myself reaching and reaching and wanting something, yet although I know that God has fully equipped me, I am not mentally ready to truly endure what may come my way.

What he said was able to apply to so many areas in my life. 

Work. Relationships. Goals. My Faith.

I found myself stuck on this truth, that it helped open my eyes to see that if there is anything that I want to achieve, the longer it takes for me to be


, the longer it will take for me to learn and absorb things.

So, you're probably wondering what the saying is, right? 


 Of course, like many quotes, it doesn't always apply to everyone. But, I believe that if you truly open your mind you can understand this and be willing to let this apply. 

Why did such a quote leave an impact on me?


Let's start with faith.  When I first decided in my adult years to give my life over to God and allow Him to lead, I was on fire. I'm sure that's the most cliche thing that you can hear from a 'Christian,' right? It's true. There's this passion. This burning desire. An eagerness. Something that feels so special and so different. It's amazingly overwhelming.

Suddenly, life becomes way more aggressive. People have found new ways to push your buttons. And sin, well the greatest worker of Sin has discovered even more of your weaknesses.

The thing is, after I felt myself backsliding, I knew that I didn't want to go back to old ways, old negative thoughts, feeling empty and trying to fill myself with fake love and I wanted to push forward and cling onto God. However, I started to feel God drifting away and becoming silent.

Why? What did I really do to you, God? You must not really love me?!

I can genuinely say that I've experienced these thoughts and feelings. Once I heard this quote from my co-worker, it hit me. God wasn't hiding from me. God isn't neglecting me or telling me that my sins are greater than His love for me. No way! That's not the God that I fell in love with. The issue was that I was never ready. Until I was or am ready, God will sit back and simply remain present. 

What most people fail to realize is that God equips us, loves us and provides ALL that we need to survive, serve and love, but He isn't going to do the work FOR us. We actually have to do something with all that he GAVE us. Isn't that crazy? [Insert Sarcasm] So, I have learned that I had to let go of a LOT of ways, people and things in my life in order to be ready for God.

Don't worry yourself about the things that you might have to sacrifice in order to be ready for God. Just know, he is PRESENT, but He will appear once you are actually ready for Him. When I say "appear" in this sense, I mean that you will start to see the differences and changes that God is allowing to come into your life for His glory. After that, it's on! Be ready. Get Ready! Stay Ready!


My last relationship was no secret. I was madly in love with my ex. We shared many moments together. We entered a relationship with Christ at the center and as our foundation. There's was no way that you could tell us that we weren't going to spend forever with each other. 

However, we allowed the work of the enemy to slowly toy with us. We found ourselves sitting in sin. Of course, something so simple starts and eventually leads to a bigger deal. It got to a point that we started to do things to one another, talk to each other in ways that we knew wasn't who we were. Our faith slowly started to fade. We stopped praying together. We stopped going to church together. We broke up. We got back together. We broke up. We got back together.

In our relationship that led to us just being friends, we knew that we needed to let go of one another in order to rebuild ourselves. To rebuild our relationship with the teacher. I constantly heard the holy spirit telling me to let go. Either I would hurt him or he would hurt me--or, we hurt each other. I just wasn't ready. I had to hold on. He had to hold on. We tried to look beyond what God was trying to tell us.

Eventually, it led to us coming to a resolution that we were not ready, but we had to be ready for what we believed God needed us to do. 

I started to feel myself slowly become detached. Not emotionally, but I was able to grab myself in a bunch and pull myself together. I not only had to be ready for God, I had to be ready for myself. Like lightning, Gods voice became clearer than ever. 

In relationships, it's great to FIGHT. I truly believed that we fought for one another. However, when you know that it's time to let go, whether it be temporary or permanent, you have to be ready to let go and willing to listen.

I say all of this to say, that in many areas of our life we wonder why there aren't any changes. We want things to come to us, and we expect God, or the universe, to set us free. Free us from sin. Free us from captivity. Free us from doubt. Free us from being broke. 

It's obvious that a good 90% of humankind wants a great, painless life. That would be a beautiful thing. All it takes is for you to be ready. It doesn't stop at being ready. You have to put on your full-force boots and take action.

You are ready for that new job.

You are ready for that career you've been dreaming about.

You are ready for that financial freedom.

You are ready to start a new, healthy relationship.

You are ready to step out of that abusive relationship.

You are ready to make new friends.

You are ready to go back to school.

You are ready to ask for a raise.

You are ready to speak your mind at a protest.

You are ready for a change.

You are ready to be the best you and be a greater you!


FaithSaphia Louise