Book Club Series: The Alchemist

I've heard about this book for so many years. For some reason, I never actually picked it up to read it. Luckily, it was lent to me for my trip to Thailand. 

If you ever find yourself going on a solo trip or a self-discovery trip, this read is absolutely recommended!

There are so many messages in this book and like I said, if you're looking to re-discover self, this will help in so many ways as long as you are open to it!

The Alchemist is written by Paolo Coelho, a Brazilian author who is has a list of books to back up how talented he is. The book follows a young Shepard boy as he is going through life in search of his treasure and to discover his Personal Legend.

I found that it was so beautiful that initially, he was not aware of his treasure or knew nothing about a personal legend. Reading it more in depth, it revealed that we are creating and living our personal legend as we follow the path that was set out for us. There are "omens" within the story that help him to understand a situation or lead to the next step that he should take.

This book can be considered a religious genre, poetic, a guide or self-help book. It allows you to explore different avenues that are absolutely applicable to your life.

The Shephard boy had to give something up from his own life in order to meet a goal. Sometimes, we are so focused on what we have in front of us that it blinds us from seeing the potential, the greater, of what we can have in the future. The price may seem too high, to let go and reach for something new, different and unfamiliar, but it's all a part of our personal legend. To pursue our spiritual quest while here on this earth. The goal is to transform our reality into a realm of trusting the unknown. 

Continue your journey. Discover the inner resources within you. 

Quotes From The Alchemist

Highly recommended! Pick it up and let me know what you all think of The Alchemist!

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