Books + Ice Cream in New York

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Summer time is all about the beach, pools, soaking up the sun and...ICE CREAM !!!!

I'm sure there are so much more reasons to love Summer, of course. 

After work, I had a craving for either a cup of ice cream, with melted hot fudge on top, or a milkshake. I admit, I almost settled for a Shake Shack milkshake, but the line was too long and it wasn't meant to be.

There's a spot called Sundaes and Cones that I walked to from 23rd street. It's located on 10th avenue between 3rd and 4th. 

Sometimes I laugh at myself because of how excited I get for things, especially food or treats! 

I went inside and I didn't know what to do. So many flavors! They let me try as much as I wanted to, but I put a cap at 3. I tasted Pink Grapefruit sorbet, Cherry Vanilla, and Lavender.

For someone as picky as me, I ask myself why. lol. I really liked the Pink grapefruit, but it had a weird after-taste. You know, like grapefruit normally does. But it wasn't too bad. Then, lavender just made me feel like I was eating a candle or a bottle of Air freshener. Cherry Vanilla, ehhh, I think I already had too many weird flavors on my taste buds by then that I couldn't really tell if I enjoyed the cherry. 

So, typical me, I stuck with Cookies and Creme and Vanilla with hot fudge dripped all over that goodness.

The prices weren't so bad either. First, my co-worker and I walked into Dylan's Candy Bar and it was a ridiculous price for one scoop. Like, $12--no way. 

Safe to say, I walked away an extremely happy camper!

I also walked back towards 14th Street, Union Square, and interrupted a man who was very focused playing Chess, and purchased some books from his collection. 

I am almost finished with "Homegoing' and I have grown to really like it. Earlier I mentioned that it wasn't giving me that pull that I needed to dive into a book, but it handled the job. Whenever I start getting to the very end of a book that I like, I read slower so that it doesn't end before I want it to..That's what I am doing with Homegoing. Next up, "Do they hear you when you cry?"

By the way, if you're looking for a great book, no clue what you want to read, go to Union Square Park or Strand bookstore. I purchased all 3 of these books for $8. I know, greatness!!