Creating a Curly Hair Regime

I've heard it all when it comes to my natural curly hair.

"How did you get your curls like that?"

"If I buy these products, will my hair be curly like yours?"

"It must take a long time to get your hair like that."

"Is it hard to take that out?"

"Is that a wig?"

"When did you become natural?"

etc. etc. etc.

The most.

I have a few friends who either text me the moment after I post a photo up about my hair, asking me where they can get the products. There are those who go out and buy the products hoping for a miracle. This is not to say that you will never have curls like mine. Which, you don't want any wya. Embrace your own curls, girl! What I am saying is that you can't go out and buy a product and expect heaven to come down and change your hair texture.

From a little girl, I had curly hair. Well, I was bald at birth. THEN, I had curly hair. My hair was extremely thick, big and curly by the tender age of maybe 7 years old. It took me 20 years to fully understand my hair, and I still won't call myself a guru. The greatest part about your hair, it follows you every day so the more you pay attention to it, you'll find yourself really learning about it.

Embracing your natural is a huge thing now. I love it. So many curly patterns and textures. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman embrace her natural state after so many years of trying to hide the kinks and curls to please society. Uh-no!

What have I learned from witnessing this? There are so many things to do with your hair, besides toss it up and throw some gel or moose in it. Ugh. I remember the days I lived for gel and moose.

You must create your own hair regime. Find what works for you. See what your hair feeds on.

I created this chart as an outline to show you what to include in your routine. Some of this might be too much for your hair texture. You may even need to add more steps. Maintaining the essential moisture and strength of your hair is important.

It's important to do your proper research when putting products in your hair and trying out new techniques. 

Personally, I don't use each step listed on the chart, but I plan to!

My goal is to secure moisture and work on the strength and length of my hair.

As I grow and learn, I'll share more tips. 

Keep in mind, deep conditions and treatments are very important--oh yeah, and getting a trim every few months too! (Something I also haven't done!)