The Blind Leading The Blind

"If a blind man guides a blind man, both will fall into a pit"- Matthew 15:14

Tuesday morning, I was making my way to work. I came out of the subway station, blasting Drake's album and feeling the zone that I was in. From the corner of my eyes I see an elderly woman standing on the sidewalk with her dog. Still bumping to Views, I kept moving. I reached about 3 feet of a distance and saw her hand waving and when I read her lips I saw, "I need help!"

At first, I thought I was imagining this, but then I removed my headphones after seeing that she was still waving to somebody, anybody, for some help. So I stopped to help her. It didn't take me long to find out that she was blind and her dog was a guide dog. This woman wanted help to walk to the curb so that her dog, Ava, could use the bathroom on the street. I had about 8 minutes to be at work, but I knew that this woman was seeking some help and a few minutes of being late wouldn't hurt.

Ava never used the bathroom. In  fact, Ava was being really stubborn and not trying to move or go in the direction that the elderly woman was trying to get her to go. So, we moved from the curb towards the middle of the sidewalk. Long story short, the woman wanted to be directed to 7th avenue so I sent her in that direction. Before officially walking away, I turned around and saw that the woman was evidently about to walk into the wall. Again, Ava wasn't here for it. She just wanted to be home sleeping. Ava is the Guide Dog in case you might have forgotten.

So, I walked back over to the woman and steered her in the right direction.

For me, I saw it as a good deed I had done and I felt good that God led me to turn down my music and focus on helping this woman. But, after a day of reflecting, it was more than that. It was God's way of telling me that I can attempt to be led by another person on this earth or I can even try to create my own path, but I will walk into walls and I will be lost with no sense of direction if I am not being guided by Him. I've been led by the blind so often, I never really noticed. We don't always realize that we have a veil over our eyes because we're so focused on one goal.

Like the elderly lady, she had one goal: Ava must use the bathroom. Yet, her blindness could have prevented her from seeing that maybe Ava already used the bathroom?

God sends blessings and messages in so many ways. We have to be willing and ready to listen and pay attention.

This is not meant to feel like a devotional type of message, but it really hit me especially this morning when I just kept hearing in my head over and over again, The blind leading the blind.

Whether it be goals, desires, thoughts, relations, jobs, etc... We are often going into things blindfolded because we can't predict the future. Even if you live a repetitive lifestyle, waking up every day and doing the same thing, eventually there's going to be a slight change that makes everything different. The point is though, we go into everything with at least half a veil over our eyes. Don't allow yourself to fall into a ditch.

Ava was known to the woman as a Guide Dog, yet to an outsider, Ava appeared just as blind.
Don't be led by the blind.

"The Eyes Are Useless When The Mind is Blind."

Saphia Louise