What's Worse: Being Jealous or Crazy?

With all that's going on in the world, the price of little girls lemonade stands rising and man feeling some type of way because his girl has her finger pointed in his face telling him "boy bye," it's safe to say that sometimes we just need a reset.
The experience that I had in Haiti was really, truly capable of changing ones life.

 Everything that I was able to encounter,  the people I met,  the depth of knowing my 'self'  more,  it convinced me that when I returned back home, I would be this completely new and renewed person.

Welp, as the story goes,  that was entirely inaccurate.

I returned home with the same bills. The doubts I had prior to my trip began to sweep their way back. Insecurities never really left. Questions grew. This wasn't what I had in mind. Ha!

What I realized the most is that my routine of waking up and eager to pray and communicate with God began to fade. Praising and worshipping throughout the day began to turn into saying I Ain't sorry,  cue another Beyonce reference. Seriously, let's be serious here people--quit the jokes.
I became too busy. The pace of life became more important to me. Being present for someone else became more valuable than embracing the presence of God. Working and living life sometimes takes us away from the core purpose of life. Yes,  we should be out spreading God's love all ways that we can. But a car can't drive without fuel. A house can't light up without a bulb.

It's not about stepping away from everything in your life and starting all over. I can't tell how many times I've started a Devotional on my Bible app and after days of not reading it, I selected the "Catch Me Up" option; which only brought me back to the place where I left off. It makes me think, what's going to be so different this time around that I'll be able to complete the devotional.. Nothing,  honestly. Because I'd either do the same thing and have to constantly catch up,  or I read it and miss the quality of it just to get it done and over with.

Whether you believe in Jesus,  God or a higher power--heck,  even if you just believe in yourself---the purpose is to believe. The purpose is to understand that you've allowed things, events, people and even yourself to get in the way of your heart.

We have a jealous God and I bet He needs your attention. We also have a God who wants the best for you,  knows the plans that He has for you and just wants you to focus on Him. You might hit a brick wall and feel like you have to start all over,  but that's not the case. Reset your mind back to the purpose. Reset it back to the source and just keep pushing forward.

Just because life isn't where you want it to be,  don't give up and attempt to start over.
Simply reset the future.

P.S. This title had nothing to do with the post, I just had to do it! LOL

Saphia Louise