He Is Never Late, Learn To Wait.

That was one of the many great messages in my devotional yesterday morning. 


The funny thing about this message is how hard God has been trying to get me to receive it. You ever know when God has a few words for you, yet the stubborn mentality most of us bare, does everything so that we miss what He has to say?


I believe that being a Christian is all about learning to wait. We are a part of a fast world,  especially living in America. We want things instantly. We compare our growth with the lives of a stranger. If things are not on  demand, then it's not meant to be. Sometimes we miss the journey because we're on such a fast pace to the destination.

Have you ever wanted something for so long,  you received it,  and completely lost all passion for it. That's how our lives are.

Toys: as kids we wanted every new gadget, but tossed it to the side after a week.

Opportunities: we convince ourselves that it is the only one that will come our way and we end up regretting not waiting for something better.

Relationships: we either rush into one with the person who clearly has no role in your future,  but you don't want to be lonely. Or, even rushing into fulfilling sexual desires before marriage.

The point of it all,  when we wait,  God is preparing us and strengthening us for what He really has in store for us.

Quick story, I had a wonderful time at church this past Sunday. I walked into my house after service and my brother,  randomly, walked into my room and asked me "When are you getting married?"

Okay,  first. People,  If you don't know how rude that is,  and annoying might I add, to ask a person that question and also the "when is the baby happening", now you know. Cut it out. Momma taught you better!

In my defense,  I replied when the Lord sees fit. He responded by telling me that I need to be in control of that decision. I laughed,  but also grew frustrated. Because not only do we struggle with embracing our own waiting period,  but we put the pressure on others to push forward.

Two people have encouraged me this past week, and they probably don't know it. One person wrote a long post on instagram about the waiting period. About how God may be delaying the process,  but that doesn't mean to stop working. And another friend shared the same message about how we use it as a hint to become lazy when we declare that we heard God's voice telling us to rest.

In the middle of your waiting period,  God is preparing you. That's the best way I see it and I am able to understand. He has a process and what He has in store,  the blessings, the ways in which He wants to use us,  we can't just dive in head first.

I'm reading a book and one of the lines that pop in my head is about how we can't wake up one day and decide we're going to join the Harlem globetrotters after never having picked up a ball in our life.

Maybe one day you'll be able to join that team. Or get that job you've been waiting on. Even marry the man/woman that you want to spend your life with.

Waiting is okay. We grow during our waiting period. When God appoints the time for us to rise,  we will.

Here's a line that I want you to pin to your brain:

"Focus on learning all the lessons in the school of sorrow than to focus anxious eyes toward the time of our deliverance. There is a reason behind every lesson,  and when we are ready,  our deliverance will definitely come. "

I'm open to wait along with You. Let it be. Work on you and your growth. All things will be done according to His plan.

Saphia Louise