5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Job

I've had many jobs. And also, I've quit many jobs. 

As I get older, I'm starting to realize that I've allowed "JOBS" to prevent me from excelling the way I should and can in life. Usually in Jr. High School is when most teens realize that they want a job. Parents won't buy you the latest gear, so you have to work for it. You want to go out some place with friends, work for it, etc. etc. Right?

We are programmed to think working must come whenever we have free time. In all of the years I've worked, I learned that working has taken away from free time to roam creatively and to think freely about what I want to do in life. I've also allowed having a job to defer my finishing school. Welp, as I write this and you read, I can finally say that I made that decision a few months ago to forbid a job from stopping my growth in school.

In this day and age, honestly, some people don't even need school in order to start their career. I said it. Career. Jobs and career are two different things. However, with that you must have drive. Some legit, hard-core, serious drive and determination. 

I felt the, "I'm sick of this job. Tired of wasting my life," feeling before. It's not fun nor is it healthy. Granted, we sometimes have to work in order to take care of priorities. But ask yourself this. What's the priority? Living a joyful, happy life doing what you love to do? Or, working to pay bills and other necessities of things that you can easily limit or remove from your life? I'd go with the first option. But, that's just my opinion.

Coming from an expert who has religiously quit many'a jobs before. Okay, that doesn't sound good. I've lasted years at several but, you get the point.

5 Reasons You Should Quit Your Jobs: If You're Feeling This Way.

It's not in the industry of where you want to eventually land your career job.

We all fall short of this. Your dream career is to be a doctor and you're working 40-60 hours a week in a supermarket. I get it. You're helping someone, but ...really? Again, this is just what we're programmed to do. Get up, walk out and never come back. You'll find the light that will lead you to your destination. I encourage people to quit jobs that will never lead to growth, especially will never allow you to get experience for your future career.

You wake up every morning hating the day before it begins.

 This feeling? Ha! I can't say that I've hated the day before it began, but I most certainly caught a minor, low-key, high-key attitude knowing that I had to walk into a job that I completely despised. Is this a feeling that you love to have? It seems simple to say quit a job because you hate it. But, what's really stopping you? We can put so much effort into a job that we hate because we don't have enough confidence that we can double the effort and put it towards a career/lifestyle that we love.

 You're Not Productive.

Most of my previous jobs were Receptionist work. I've told people that I work in a law firm and they're always like, wow! That's a great job! I usually respond back with a smile, hidden beneath it is a scream. These jobs are definitely for someone who is in school and can pretty much do their homework while working--or an elderly woman who is ready to retire, but not yet ready. It's not meant for a creative. It's not productivity driven. Granted, there are busy days. On the flip side, I've spent most of my days writing blogs or at least trying to draw inspiration from staring at walls and saying hello to people that walk by. If there is no challenge in a job, why. are. you. even. there? Don't accept that. You may think you're making easy money, but you're really just allowing yourself to settle and wasting your skills and talents.

Several Months/Years Later, You Receive No Promotion?

That's just wrong. Let's not get technical about jobs having to increase your pay-rate after a certain amount of time because honestly, I don't know the true logistics behind that so I want send out false information. BUT, if you know that you've been working hard and you deserve a pay raise or a title promotion, make sure you get it! Or, leave. There is always better. Understand this, we usually have to work jobs before we get to our career. Still, do not settle for less. Each job you have should only help advance you to the next level.

Lastly, You are better than this!

If you're anything like me, you don't give yourself enough credit. It's not okay. I wish I wasn't so hard on myself, but at the same time I know that I am better than such things. If you're being treated unfairly, you're not being paid what you deserve, than you need to walk. When I say you're better, I don't mean you're too good to wipe a toilet. Someone has to do the job, and some people do it with all of their heart! No shade. This just goes back to not settling. Don't fear the unknown. I've quit jobs before while having a back-up job ready to hire me. I've also quit with no idea what was happening next. Yet, God provided each and every time. We have to graduate every level of life. Sometimes you just have to know when you've done your share and say I am ready to walk the stage into my next journey.

There are probably 1000 more reasons you should quit your job. I had a job before where I had a new reason every day. That's when I knew that I had enough. Don't be afraid. Don't allow these temporary jobs take away from your life. It's yours. Do WHATEVER you want to do with it.

Saphia Louise