Closing the Door on Things That Don't Matter

Life comes with many curve balls. 

Sometimes I have no clue which direction they're coming from, I'm just prepared to dodge. Recently I read something that reminded me that trials will come my way. As if I haven't already noticed. It doesn't mean that I should look for peace in people or that I should attempt to position myself where there are no problems or  that I should lose faith in God because of it.

With that, I say all of this. I've been ready to run. I've been looking for a way out of my current situation because it's brought me such happiness, but great suffering. A feeling I have never experienced before. Without getting into detail, I'm not dying or anything.

I was reading a few verses in the book of Luke 10 and the story was about when Jesus visits Mary and Martha. Just imagine, Jesus is coming to your house for dinner--it's about to go down in the kitchen. You might even throw on the good ol' Bob Marley or Marvin Gaye tunes to get the vibe going. You're ready to do whatever to impress, right ?

So Jesus gets there and Martha is all like "I have to cook! Clean up! I have so many details that I need to pay attention to because I mean, Jesus is here, duh." So Martha is focused as Jesus sits in her living. She wants everything to be great for him. However, Mary is doing the total opposite. She's like. Jesus IS IN MY LIVING ROOM! !! *FANGIRL* Freaks out and sits at his feet. Mary made the decision that she isn't moving from the feet of Jesus. Because, well, why would she?

Martha became bothered. Jesus, tell my sister Mary to come help me because I'm over here doing all of the work and she just sits there,  at your feet!  You know how it went when we were younger? That one sibling usually gets stuck with all of the work so they decide to snitch and then the parent is like, go help your sibling! Nope. Not Jesus.

He says, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details!  There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”

Wow. Failed mission.

See, Mary knew something that Martha did not know. Mary knew that if she missed just one moment with Jesus, she could be missing out on life! Mary knew that whatever questions she had, worries or concerns, her answer was sitting in front of her. Mary knew that in order for her steps to be directed, she had to sit at the feet of her Lord who she loved and loved her back. Unlike Martha, who was so focused on unnecessary details, Mary had her focus on the right thing.

Jesus says that the one thing that Mary has discovered will not be taken away from her. Sometimes we don't realize that the things we allow to let go of in our life are also being taken away from us. Yet, some of us hold onto the wrong thing, the unnecessary.

Our minds are so programmed to be busy, to worry about the wrong things and to forget what's most important. We are all in so many ways like Martha. We focus on school, on work, on relationships, on the lives of other people. We do all of this hoping that we can squeeze Jesus time in there somewhere. We worry about the details surrounding our life, forgetting to just sit down and listen to the one who gave us life.

With all that is happening in my personal life, I experienced the fear of being on the losing end. I was afraid of decisions that I would make that would take things away from me and what I was used to. After reading this, it hit me. I feared losing the wrong things, the unnecessary. 

Through it all, I never sat there and said I'm afraid to lose Jesus. Maybe once. I had to come to an understanding that I'm paying too much attention to the wrong details.

Sometimes, we must close the door on things that do not matter in order to rekindle our love for the one who does. Then, and only then, will HE be the one to re-open the right door.

Saphia Louise