What Happens If You Missed The Ride?

I woke up late Wednesday morning. 

As I made my way to the bus stop,  there was no line so I headed to the front to create one. Following behind me were two women who were laughing and joking, which interrupted me in the middle of my prayer. 

So one woman said, there's no one on the line so we just missed the bus. She then followed it up by saying, don't worry there's another bus coming.

I felt like God was just speaking to me because, in the midst of my prayer,  I was asking him whether he had been hearing me lately or not. So that made me think as I was saying God I feel like I have been living according to my own will, which is kind of keeping me in one place. I feel like maybe I've missed the opportunities that you placed in front of me.

That was until I saw the next bus and remembered how the woman said to her friend: don't worry, there's another one coming. Automatically as I watched the bus drive up towards my stop, I thought of the verse: Pray more, worry less [Matthew 6:34] and considered how God had used this simple situation as a way to bring me to remember to have faith and trust Him.

God is saying to me to pray more, don't worry about where you currently are in life or where you want to be. Sometime's it's easier to know and believe that you will move on from your current season to the next when you remember all that God has done for you in the past.

Psalm 66:16
Come and hear, all you who fear God;
Let me tell you what He has done for me.

Leave it to Him, because even though He might seem quiet, it may seem like He doesn't hear my prayers, He's working on something for my good.

I have recently created this book for my devotional time and it helps me to be creative when expressing how great God is and has always been to me.

My job is just to remain focused on the now, and be trusting, and eventually He will pull up and tell me to hop in. I've heard the saying before: sometimes we need to open the door and let God hop in.

For me, it's different. I will stand and wait for that next bus, knowing that He is the driver, and when he pulls up, I am hoping in!

Saphia Louise