Sometimes, I want to just go away.

I want to forget about the people that I know and love very well, so that I can explore and discover a new world. See, it's nothing that I have against the people in my life, but rather, something I wish to change about myself.

In life, we can get so caught up with what society deems as what we should be doing, how we should be living, what needs to be accomplished already and so on and so forth. For me, I like to live my life according to what I want and need, and whatever I feel like belongs at the current moment. However, there are occasions when I feel like I am living to impress others or I am comparing my life to someone else's.

I want an eat, pray, love period to redefine my life. To not only explore different cultures, people, lifestyles, but mainly to explore me and who I am. It can be scary to just pick up and leave a life behind with hopes that you would come back and those people would still be there. But, it can also be refreshing.

I don't believe that God created us to be stagnant or dormant and remain in one place for the rest of our lives. Honestly, I think it's gross that some people have never been on a plane to a different state, or country (no offense). There is so much out there for us to explore and take advantage of the many possibilities.

I have lived some parts of my life under the shadow of someone else, and it was never intentional. Though I have this mindset to do as I please and not worry about what people think, I cave. Most of my life from a teenager up until this very moment, I was in a relationship. Now I am not saying that being in a relationship is terrible and hinders you from being who you are, but yes, that is exactly what I am saying (if you allow it to).

My life seems like it has always been about serving the people that I love. It has always been about pleasing them and putting them first.

You have to learn to love yourself before you can give your love out to anyone else

Then, there's the idea of wanting to accomplish so many goals and not feeling good enough to go through with them. Or, being overwhelmed by the many ideas in your head that you can't find a way to being pursuing one of them.

My faith has led me into many avenues of blessings. But, my lack of has held me back from receiving what God has for me. 

My goal to accomplish within the next year, is to go on an eat, pray, love trip. I'm saying it here first. (Lol) A trip where I am isolated from the internet, the people I know and from myself more importantly. I should probably start figuring out where I'd like to eat, pray and love at.

Until then, it's an on-going, current mission.

Saphia Louise