What's The Point?

"We make our world significant by the courage of our questions and by the depth of our answers"

As the line forms to get on the bus, everyone hopes for an available seat so that they can feel a little ounce of rest and comfort. A woman stands beside another passenger who happens to be sitting next to an empty seat.

With a child, who may be no older than 7 years old, she patiently waits for the woman to slide over. As I walked onto the bus, I noticed that the woman who was sitting down had been dumping a handful of vitamins into her hand from an oversized jar. She had no idea that the woman was standing beside her, silently requesting a seat. Although she was oblivious, it caught the attention of other passengers on the bus. Still silent, yet frustrated, the woman who remains standing expresses herself with a gesture of her hand as it flings up as if to say: I can't believe this.

Another passenger got the attention of the woman who was sitting down and she was startled. She didn't know that the woman wanted the seat because it had not been communicated to her, or asked. She willingly jumped out of her seat to let the woman sit down with her son.

What's the point of this story ?

Most of our lives, we tend to hold back on asking questions and demanding, politely, what we need and want. 

Heck, for some of us, that's not an issue. However, we fail to realize that when we just ask for something--We are not losing anything. Instead, we are gaining. Yes, even if the answer is no you have been filled with courage for the future. The courage to ask in order to receive.

On Saturday, I found myself walking into an off broadway theater, mentally preparing to interview the cast, the writer and the director of the play The Hummingbird's Tour. I've done interviews before in the past, but for me this was a new experience. I asked God for courage and to just allow me to be myself throughout the interviews. He answered my prayers and I left out of the theater feeling new and fresh.

The best part is, you don't have to ask for things that benefit you only. The method works either way; for you or for others.

Take advantage of freedom of speech and of choice. 

"Don't be afraid of the answers, Be afraid of not asking the questions."

Saphia Louise