Tuesday Eats: Mmmm Good @ Son Cubano

LET'S DIGESTDiscovering new restaurants in all neighborhoods of New York ( and elsewhere) is such an exciting thing to do. Whether it becomes a favorite because of the food, the appearance, the atmosphere, the people, or even all of the above.

As birthdays come around, I always stress about where I want to have dinner. Whether it is for me, friends, or this time around for my boyfriend. It's a bit different compared to the usual date night dinner. Actually, this year I was so adamant about not going to a normal restaurant for Jonathan's birthday. Kim, a friend of mine, recommended Son Cubano in NJ. I initially saw that the restaurant had live music on the date that we would be going, which was a Thursday, so I was satisfied with going here. A major plus was the view of NYC skyline--which I think is beautiful no matter how much we take it for granted.

Son Cubano is located in New Jersey and yes, as you can probably tell from the name, they serve up yummy Cuban food. Now before I get into the food, let's talk about the decor. The ambience is beautiful, inside and out.


This restaurant/lounge is surrounded by an incredible view of New York City, placed just close enough to walk along the shore (maybe on a not-so-freezing kind of night). It is very upscale as far as the decor. Floor-to-ceiling windows all throughout the dining area. I'll be honest with you guys. If you're not into loud music, especially majority of the time it being of another language (spanish), then this is not the place for you [even though the food is  yummy]. Since the opposite side of the restaurant is pretty much a lounge, it gets pretty loud in there. But, if you don't mind the music, then bring yourself to check out Son Cubano! I assumed that the live music was going to be a band or people singing live, but unless we arrived late (9:30pm), it was just DJ music playing. They did however have a little performance--salsa dancers.


There was something about the seasoning in the sauce of my dish. So amazing. It had a bit of a salty flavor to it, with a touch of sofrito and a dash of deliciousness. I ordered the Ropa Veja--which was flank steak, pepper sofrito and rice with plantains. I know, my meal seems super simple and why would I just order that? But listen, it was good okay? It was really, really good.

Jonathan had the Churrasquirra (Angus beef skirt steak with wood fries)

The pricing at Son Cubano is like most upscale restaurants. There is a pre-fixed menu that is $40 and that includes an appetizer, entree and desert. If you don't want to have that option, you can select any meal of your choice with price ranges between $24-$30. Not bad right?

Son Cubano is a beautiful place to go on a date, just maybe not your first date. If you like to get up and dance in between meals, this is just the perfect place for you to go! Enjoy and if you go, tell me what you think of it!

Son Cubano
40-4 Riverwalk Pl, West New York, NJ 07093

Saphia Louise