Notification Alert: ALWAYS ON

Check one...Check two...Is this thing on?

As I was standing at the bus stop on my way to school, I started reading a devotional that Jonathan sent me. It spoke about having a household god--in other words, things that are not important even in the comfort of your own home that you are paying more attention to and idolizing( even peace and quiet).

Soon after reading it and realizing the bus was already 15 minutes late, I became distracted. After I checked the time schedule, I noticed there was a bright red circle with the number 3 lit up on my phone that was just calling my name. "Oh, Saphia ! Saphia ! Come check me!" And so, I did.

Before I could actually see who or what the notification was about, I had a thought and closed the app. What if God could just send us a notification anytime during the day and it was up to us to open it or ignore it. Straight out telling us exactly what He means; no signs, no indirect statements, but a notification just as we receive for our email, Facebook or any social network we have on our phone.
And it made me think about whether I would be as eager to retrieve what is behind that notification if I knew it was God reaching out to me.

It has been a desperately discouraging month (or two) for me. I like to partially blame the fact that I quit my job and that has been why I go in and out of moments of despair and worry. Then, I just realize it's only because I have been missing all of God's "Notifications."

The thing about our notifications on our phone, we are not the ones who request them to be sent and we have the ability to turn them off. For me, most of mine on my phone have always been off because I just never liked jumping the moment my phone said jump. However, since changing to a galaxy, there are some things that I still have always on.

So, what's blocking the notification of God from popping up?  How come I have to search for his and sometimes come up short ? Is there any way that I can set  His notifications to ALWAYS be ON ? I could sit here all day looking for the answer to that question, and there's only one answer.

Last night, I said to myself "things have to change."  I wanted to wake up and start all over. To be honest, I was also encouraged by my devotional which was titled: Start Over

The answer to all of my questions above leads to ME being the reason. I am the reason I check my phone before I check on God. I am the reason I get frustrated about something before I bring it to God. I am the reason his notifications, signs and messages are being blocked because I turned them off. We allow so many things to get in our way and we call it life. Yet, the giver of life is calling on us and we don't always want to answer-- to the point that the messages, the signs, the notifications automatically become silent and we wonder, Is God not talking to me ?

It's a process. It's definitely a process well worth fighting for. We were given a choice from birth and we are given a choice each day whether we want to fight and live for God. After feeling completely unlike myself lately and smiling and laughing on the outside, but hurting inside, I decided that it's time for me to really, really, really turn on God's notification. 

The thing is, we are made for more than what we see in front of our eyes. When we sink to the bottom, because of God's mercy we are able to see the mess that we've made and only wish that we could start all over. We come from love and God loves us so much that He gives us just that: the chance to start over. Except, God wants you to have something different. He wants me to live a better life and the same for you.

Reset your alerts and notifications and receive only the ones that matter, from Him.

"If you do not deal with the root, you will continue to see that weed grow back again."

Saphia Louise