Hold Up One Minute!

And I Heard Them Say. . . 

Have you ever read a book that was extremely good and then suddenly it became boring ? It basically changed up its tone on you and you had to put it down for a moment because that's not what you grew used to. Or perhaps, you didn't realize that the boring part was what you really should pay attention to. It's the worst when someone else is reading that same book and they come to you so enthusiastic about the part that you believed was boring and now you're stuck with one of two thoughts. 1: They're just boring, so of course they would enjoy that. Or 2: I need to go back and find out what was so good about that part and see what I am missing!

I started reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan on August 26th. I know this date because I put a stickie note on the inside cover of the book. As I began reading this book, it was so on point. I definitely made use of my highlighter very often. But the moment I reached a certain chapter, I became bored and picked up the book less and less. 

So I decided to pick up the book again when I went out for my bike day. I finished the same chapter that I thought was boring and was hit with an encouraging note. "If biblical examples seem unattainable, hopefully these average, everyday people give you hope that you, too, can live a life worth writing about."

Immediately I thought about two things. One, I didn't really take in the message that was being given from the stories of people who lived a radical life, for Christ. Two, what I considered boring at the moment was possibly how people perceive the life of a Christian to be.

I remember one day my brother made a comment to me that I always think about, especially during praise and worship at church (exciting times). He said to me that since I am a Christian or whatever, that I am going to have a boring life and I wouldn't be able to do fun things. Now, my brother believes in God and in Christ, but like most people ( including myself), sometimes you just don't want to let go of the fleshly desires; things that are pleasing to you. 

Like this book, and like the people of this world, we only want to keep hold of what is good enough for us. If at any moment it doesn't entertain our fleshly desires, we want no part of it. Yet, like I said in the beginning, maybe we're not realizing that the "boring" thing is what we really need and what we should pay attention to. 

I go out. I have fun. I laugh. I hang out. I do all things that are "pleasing" to me, but I try to do these things with one thought in mind (as often as I possibly can) : Is it also pleasing to God? God doesn't want us to live a boring life. In fact, I think as a Christian, every day is far from boring. It can actually get really stimulating and challenging. 

I am in my mid twenties and I have experienced a lot in my life so far. I know that I always grew up saying that I have no regrets. In reality, if I had the common sense and the wisdom to not do a few things, I definitely would go back and change my action towards certain things. Still, I believe that God has planned out my life so I know it all happened for a reason. To live a boring Christian life. (cues sarcasm and evil laugh) My point is that, what many people may see as boring, most of us look at as eternity. When you start a new job, I am sure that on the first day you're not sitting on your cell phone, chewing gum and gossiping--and if you want a promotion later on down the line, you won't do it on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th or any day. You will make sure that you're reaching your potential and will one day reach your goal of being at the top. That's sort of how "Christians" think, or at least try to. 

So, going back to this book. For me, it was a reminder to hold on. Every day will not be sunflowers and daisies, but it will all be worth it. Try to avoid living a "easy come-easy go" lifestyle.

Saphia Louise