Tuesday Eats: I Want Tacos! @ Empellon Al Pastor

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Discovering new restaurants in all neighborhoods of New York ( and elsewhere) is such an exciting thing to do. Whether it becomes a favorite because of the food, the appearance, the atmosphere, the people, or even all of the above. My goal is to visit as many restaurants as I can all over New York, and tell you why you should eat there ! Check out my Let's Digest section for more of my favorite spots! 

I stumbled upon this gem of a spot while we were looking for a midday snack before heading to an Art event. 

Empellon Al Pastor is a Mexican restaurant that serves tacos, guacamole and other small portion foods on one side and drinks on the other. The price for one taco is $4, which is very affordable and worth the buck. They are part of a 3-chain restaurant, so this was one of the many locations down in Lower East side of New York.

The Food

It wasn't until I went to Mexico when I finally had a taco, so now I welcome them with open arms. My appetite is weird and I am usually freakishly picky about what I eat. Well, the goal is to change that and to broaden the range of food that I digest. 

As for these tacos, and the variety of sauces that was provided to try out, they were amazing. I had chicken tacos without onions and my boyfriend tried the chicken and steak with onions. The size of the tacos were perfect, which allowed us to splurge on two tacos each without breaking the bank! Depending on if you like your tacos plain, a little spicy or super hot, I would recommend trying out the sauces! 

The Atmosphere

I' enjoy the atmosphere almost more than I do the food itself when I go to restaurants. Yes, the food was great, but the set up of this restaurant was so hip, free and funky! What I loved the most was being able to grab a piece of chalk in the bathoom and leave my mark! 

Also, the seating arrangement gave you the choice to be comfortable within the restaurant, or face the outside as if you are watching TV, except you're just people watching--which my boyfriend and I enjoyed doing.

Make sure you check out Empellon and let me know what you think about the Tacos.

Empellon Al Pastor

132 Saint Marks Place, 

New York, NY 10009

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