Find Your Lane

When you find something you love to do,  never stop!

Have you ever heard someone singing and thought to yourself, If only I could sing like that! Better yet, have you ever met a person who could sing but never liked to use their talent; they were just letting it waste away. You'd get upset and wonder why they aren't using that amazing God given gift?! I'm using singing as a reference, but my point applies to so much more.

I have a few friends who can sing and I am sometimes low-key frustrated that I struggle in the shower to sound half-decent and they're naturally good at it. We find ourselves in a place of not just comparison, but also negligence.

The thing is, we're all talented in some way. It only takes letting go of the negative idea that those talents that are widely recognized (like maybe singing, dancing, poetry, acting, etc.) are the only opportunities available. Also, we have to remember that it's not a hot-potato game. You don't grab onto something because you see the next person eager for it, but once you figure out whether it is working for them or not, you toss it to the side. You have to find your niche.

There's nothing wrong with testing out things to see where and what your calling is. But, do it because you're trying to find your lane and discover yourself. Never compare your abilities to another. You don't know what they're struggling with.

With Love.

Saphia Louise